12-Year-Old Chess Prodigy Thought I’d Be Easy…

Whilst in New York City I played 12-year-old chess master Tani, who has beaten people such as Hikaru, Gothamchess and Botez. He is a Fide Master right now but has the strength of a much higher rated player. Read about Tani’s story here: Hope you enjoy this video!

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  1. bro stockfish was going crazy in this match, god knows how this computer figures out those endings

  2. I've thought that chess should be played without speaking that much, even not at all. (Especially this Anna).

  3. I'm so glad that chess is experiencing a revival.

  4. this is so much fun to watch 👍👍👏👏

  5. This 12 year old speaks more eloquently and intelligently than most people I know several times his age

  6. at 7:26, the eval bar jumps back up as Anna can play Knxh7, it creates immediate pressure on the black king through a discovered check. If Black moves bg8 to block, then you can take with the bishop and through a series of checks with the queen slowly climbing up the board, she'll potentially even out by taking the rook. Just for anyone interested

  7. When gifted kids have better manners than average adults 😔 Not sure how to feel about this…

  8. THIS SHOULD BE ON TV🗣!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~ Isaiah Kurtis Pilkington 🎤


  9. after f4 Qh4+ would have been a knightmare

  10. Botez is around 2000, you dont need a GM to beat her. Not even a IM I guess

  11. The prodigy was lost. Anna was talking too much. More chess Less talk.

  12. Oh come on, Anna! Losing to a twelve year old?!

  13. How shit do you need to be to pretend you know what you're doing and ask what you should be doing while recording…

  14. He communicates like an adult. Pleasant sight.

  15. The evaluation bar shouldn't jump back and forth with any actual masters in the game. Even on a short.time game, such as this

  16. What winner did she miss at 2:43? Nb3, with pressure on the pinned knight?

  17. This was a lot of fun to watch – both personalities and banter made for a really fun match!

  18. I really like this kid, he should make a channel of his own!

  19. Brooooo there was knight to e7+ then bishopxa7 all that would be possible if white didn't more the queen. I would already defeat this "12" year old "soon to be GM" XD

  20. I love this game. I just wish I was better at it.

  21. hehe i love that boy 😀 But i was more enjoy him when he beat Botez 😀 and she was so pissed of 😀
    Anna is so much nice, that i love them both on this clip 🙂

  22. 12-Year-Old Chess Prodigy Thought I’d Be Easy…wtf your older than him anyway white priverlgue is real when he gets to your age you will be easy he young and still learning.

  23. He is very far away from GM. He is great at puzzles, but thats like being a freestyler in football, usually doesnt mean you will play for a top team or be good enough for the premier league.

    Even though your skill with the ball is undeniable, your opponents will just not let you do your tricks in a real game. Best analogy I can give.

    I know he's just a kid but I am trying to be real and objective.

  24. Please put the game int he comments? It's really fun to follow along in programs like lichess to see what some of the other options are. There was a point where he moved Qb3 where it the eval bar went nuts for White for example.

  25. What an awesome young man! I really enjoyed the friendly banter!

  26. missed checkmate! 7:21 knight E7 should be take by queen. Then sacrifice the bishop on H7 and then move queen to H5 . checkmate! very good game though. well done!


  28. 2:41. You coulda beat him if you took that hanging pawn. It wins a piece

  29. im so sad that this is th reality today. I can't believe you actually gave the black kid the black pieces, this is a racial game. (Im kidding for the kids who didn't understand)

  30. I don't watch much chess but enjoy hearing you talk about tactics whilst playing.

  31. Congrats to Tani and his family on his US Citizenship.

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