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  1. I'd do it for free because "ME ATTACK BISHOP"

  2. This was only 2 brilliant moves, but there were a bunch of very good moves

  3. The moves are good😊…but done in a 3 min game makes it really excellent 💪💪

  4. Levy is so humble that he did not wanted to disappoint us by saying that there was no brilliant moves at all… How nice of you levy☺️

  5. Please I'm a broke father of 4 little girls being the only man in he house and online chess is my only escape at home lmao. Please consider sending me a signed copy if you decide to send them to the community❤❤❤

  6. The only person to ever make a video about his skills and then missing mate in 1 with Bxf6

  7. Bet the opponent heard Leviy's theme during these 14 moves

  8. Is this another prank video? I don’t know what’s real anymore😂

  9. at 16:28 when the black pawn takes a white bishop and the evaluation bar fills up with white 😱

  10. Position is so comfortable that it play by itself.

    truly Chess speaks for itself

  11. Quite hilarious to see Nxh6# just after you played guess the elo with a player named Nxh6! That player would be proud!

  12. I knew he was gonna say getting coffee when he brought up being paid. Luh u levy

  13. For me I would say that rook b5 move is a pure stock fish move, it’s just crazy how good this guy can be and still couldn’t reach the GM title.

  14. Levy, this is some amazing content and I love it. I was a 800 elo player and now started watching your videos and I am now 1150. But I am stuck there with the little knowledge of black openings against D4.I watched your englund gambit video but everyone new the top lines so I lost most of my games with black. I also lose a lot to the Benoni and was wondering if you could make a video about it?

  15. I am so happy that this video was not about the brilliant moves of a 500-rated Gotham subscriber.

  16. this really is super impressive and i hope this gives you a huge confidence boost in your play 🙂

  17. Why is Levy not showing any Magnus games??

  18. Taking sick leave from school and the first thing I wanted to do was watching gotham

  19. That's literally me analyzing my easy wins on lichess with a couple top computer moves

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