2 Worst Chess Bots Battle Each Other


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  1. My theory is that Martin actually can play at stockfish levels, but treats everyone like his kids and loses on purpose

  2. Oscar is kind of 10 times harder, when you make a good move, it's going to make a better move than you did, but if you make a bad move, it will make an even worse move than you did, so to win oscar you got to force yourself to do bad moves.

  3. sometimes you just gotta watch some gorillas punch each other on the face -GothamChess 2023

  4. Look, I lost to Martin, stop rubbing it in😭😭😭😭

  5. It’s always so funny when Levy just stops talking about the game and goes on rant about some stupid thing for several minutes and then just goes back to the game like it is nothing 😂

  6. Watching this entire game once drops your rating by 150 points, but twice Gotham is down 250 easy.

  7. believe it or not i've actually lost against martin before

  8. I love Oscar. Literally my favorite from Duolingo lmaoo

  9. Martin won in all of our hearts💔💔💔

  10. I'm in my 40's I love your sense of humor

  11. Honestly I don’t give a crap about chess but that commentary was phenomenal

  12. Are there any bots that play to keep try to avoid either side having an advantage? (At least until they seek checkmate in 1.)

  13. "One punch in the face." That's my new philosophy!

  14. Martin has no desire or use for revenge. No matter what, he'll figuratively shake the hand of the victor, because that's just how he rolls.

  15. I matched Duo angainst Stockfish and Stockfish won.

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  17. Definitely, Martin is based. And Oscar is gonna get what he deserves.

  18. Isn’t that Oscar boy from duilingo? 😂

  19. That was an advanced lesson in chess sarcasm.
    Your commentary made it seem like that match was a championship match! Adding in passionate chess theory and pattern observations was just chef's kiss. LOL
    Looking forward to the next fun game.

  20. Remember, English isn't any better. Queue is just the letter, followed by 4, count it, 4 silent vowels, ate and eight are the same sound, but hate and height are not. Then you got reed and read, and read and red. Anyway, in short, English is three languages in a trenchcoat pretending it's one.

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