2780 vs 2599 | Hikaru Nakamura takes on David Paravyan at the Qatar Masters 2023

In the sixth round of the Qatar Masters 2023, the World no.4 GM Hikaru Nakamura was up against GM David Paravyan. Though there was a huge difference in the rating between the two players, both looked comfortable in the opening as they blitzed out the first fourteen moves. Watch the video to see what happens next.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. what is the point of the camera on the table if they are writing every move themselves

  2. Russian grand master Nipo and Ding Liren is frequently going to wash room because of loose motion. But Nipo lost purpose because if he wins against Ding Liren world will curse him because in the absence of Magnus Carlson Nipo won against Ding Liren but Guardian said it is improbable to win Nipo 🏆

  3. Someone told me that Paravyan is the famous "Mister Dropstone" that mated Carlsen in 6sec, and made him rip his shirt, true?

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