3 Elo Chess

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  1. Please link the videos that these clips are from

  2. I got a draw today and I was up 20+ material like wth

  3. Me playing chess that like 3 AM in the morning and up on here

  4. He didn't lose the Queen, he just sacrificed it

  5. Honestly the best way to cope with a queen loss is to draw.

  6. Some people must think that winning is taking all your opponents pieces

  7. Bro played botez gambit dead brain cells variation

  8. oh my god I thought was bad at some point but this is a WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF STUPID

  9. It's more like white saving the game as a true GM

  10. We should make levy play sports he sucks at and then post those videos of him being terrible to hardcore sports channels.

  11. At least it’s better than losing up 3 queens a rook and a bishop

  12. Lmao bro took that pawn with the king not the bishop 💀

  13. One time i was up 51 points of material bit stalemated. I cried whole night😢

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