3 HOURS of Relaxing Chess for Sleep ♔ ASMR (soft spoken, danish accent, whisper)

3 full hours of supremely relaxing ASMR Chess content. I play against people on the internet through the ChessUp smart chessboard in this video.
Buy the ChessUp board with 10% discount using my link: **AND** use the promo code ASMR at checkout.

00:00 first part
42:17 audio bug part
1:38:20 extra good part


  1. I'd love to see some more openings. Keep it up sir.

  2. I have absolutely loved the new videos, you really inspire me to play chess. Thank you for the free ASMR and chess. Im suprised you don't fall asleep during the video. – Unununium.

  3. This will do just fine for my sleep.
    Btw, your Chess Puzzle about Napoleons campaign was the highest quality ASMR I might have ever seen!

  4. I wonder, if people had to pick one, would most of the ASMR chess viewers come for the ASMR or for the chess? Maybe an interesting poll question 🤔

  5. Can't wait to watch / fall asleep to the video!
    (Also may I ask what your rating is?)

  6. So excited to watch! Get this man to 250k subs!

  7. I hope I get lucky enough to run into you on Lichess one day. Love the channel!

  8. Hi guys! There is an audio bug from 42:17 to 1:38:20. I’m very sorry about this. The video should be watchable even with the bug. I have also made chapters so you can easily skip it. This video is shot over the course of 3 days and it has taken FOREVER to edit. There has been all sorts of issues with it and I’ve decided to let it be and focus on improving the next video instead, since I could have literally made 3 other videos in the time it has taken me to do this one. I hope you can bear with me. Also now that I have your attention I would like to ask if you mind when I advertise my patreon in the videos? I can see how it could be annoying, particularly if you don’t have the money for such a thing or just don’t feel like being a patron is something for you. As you may know I am trying to make YouTube my literal job and that is why I sometimes advertise the patreon, but if it ruins the experience for you then I should find another way. Have a very nice day and thanks for hanging out with me in the comments!

  9. Why is his voice so deep but the video is very relaxing 😌❤

  10. That 3rd game was strange for a level 1500..🤔

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