3600 Elo vs. 3600 Elo

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  1. Yes, cover this.

    BTW when did "dank" become a buzzword? Seems like just recently.

  2. I was going to say "The cow opening", but apparently King's Gambit is crazier.

  3. it's like computer chess meets romantic chess

  4. Isnt alfa zero among top 3 engines in the world?

  5. Nice, a fw more interesting games would be awesome

  6. 12:52 hold on, can't white just queen with check? Or am I missing something? You promote with check, there's nothing that cat take you because the black bishop was blocked by the knight, meaning that you move the king or block with the knight and if the king is moved you save the bishop, if the knight moves the discovered attack on the queen does nothing, right?Or am i missing something in all of this?Edit: It took me a while, but i noticed the rook guarding the square. Just took me a second. :-/

  7. Bishop G5 is just a big middle finger to the face

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