3600 Elo vs. 3600 Elo

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  1. @GothamChess, I'm not sure that I should play chess. I'll blunder on every move

  2. Levy why do you change the title of the video after some time ?

  3. Summary was generated by Summatim, let us know if there are any inaccuracies! 🤖

    0:01: Introduction to Chess World
    0:23: King's Gambit
    4:27: Gameplay
    5:58: Positional Play
    10:54: Endgame
    15:17: King's Gambit in Chess
    15:56: End game strategy
    13:24: Long game
    14:17: Bot level chess

  4. Hello Levy, I am 1800 rated player and I really like your content but I was wondering if you could make some educational videos like openings, endgames and etc. I was 800 elo last year and with the help of your videos I became 1800 and I want to continue my chess journey and to get to at least 2000-2050 this year and you will really help me achieve my goal if you do that. Bye!

  5. Everytime Gotham mimicks knocking with his fist in his palm it icks me so bad

  6. Thank you for pointing out every top engine move stockfish played🙏

  7. Levy: "king's gambit is the most dangerous gambit"
    Botez Gambit: CRIES IN ANGUISH

  8. I would love to see stockfish playing Alekhine's defense if there are any interesting games

  9. Question is
    Both AI are on same ratings
    But why Stockfish emerge victorious everytime?

  10. TCEC stands for top chess engine championship
    I bet frank can vecome TCEC champion

  11. Whatch my last Astronaut in the Ocean meme version.

  12. Ive been going through a really tough time and your channel gives me something to look forward to, thanks man

  13. Finally dumbass, more of these top engine games

  14. Stockfish and LCZero are not GMs, they're UMs (Universe Masters) I guess

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