400 Elo Chess Is Painful…

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  1. This almost makes me proud to be 400 bahahhaaha, mix of some insane moves and well…. insane moves xD

  2. Your videos never run out of energy man …… Thoroughly enjoyed this one as well💯💯

  3. Bro why u aint covering the american cup going on right now….instead of showing these low elo stupid ass games

  4. Thx to you I can win in chess from my Friends

  5. dont sub to me i just wanna make clips says:

    13:36 – "I dont like the move rook a4" – GothamChess

  6. Hey gotham i have a school to school chess turnement i need some tips to win😢

  7. Damn I’m rated 400… why are my opponents not like this

  8. This game was actually crazy. Both sides blundered the win MULTIPLE TIMES.

  9. First time on this channel. Interesting game–I used to think I was pretty good but realized later on I really wasn't. Even so, I was questioning Jamaal's first 10 moves or so. But they both had their share of blunders. As Levi mentioned not castling seemed to be a bad error, I was wondering the same thing. That was a crazy last 50 moves! I may have nightmares about white's King being so exposed all game.

  10. Divya Jyoti दिव्य ज्योति says:

    Very nice 👍

  11. I am terrified that someday I'll be featured in a video

  12. there was a match i had where it was end game and i had just my king left versus 2 queens and a rook and i still managed to get it to a stalemate by lack of material i wish i could show it but i dont know how.

  13. "Pp on the pp" is why this man got his award. God bless this channel

  14. Really disappointed when a stalemate was expected after there were 2 white queens at the end.

  15. I can honestly say I never had any idea who was going to win, even when black was down to only a king

  16. In this play list my favorite is " Get out of Here"

  17. This is the most fun I've had watching a video in a while

  18. i got to 1600 in 2 years just watching the channel idek openings like that

  19. Only legends know that the title of this video was changed 3 times 💀

  20. it seems the less you know, the more fun the game is!

  21. Advice at 6:00 is really good, it's something I never thought about but it's an easy improvement

  22. Great video Levy, but you had 1 missed win. You said "You queen and I queen…." But didn't say something like "we all queen for ice cream". I actually believed for a second that you might.

  23. "It's not a blunder when you are 400 elo"

    -a 400 elo player

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