400 Elo Chess Is Painful…

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  1. I think the game not ending in a stalemate is a bigger plot twist than if it did

  2. Levy, i dont even know if u gonna read this, but i am 1.2k rated (over the board) and in 1 week i play against a 2300 (peak 2650) Grandmaster (he plays blindfolded)… Any tips on how i prepare for that? Besides knowing i will lose

  3. Today's stare was short but right into my soul, 10/10

  4. When in a movie two masterminds are playing they should be playing this as a easter egg 😂

  5. Dear Levy, if you see you this, I just wanted to let you know that I am deeply lamenting the fact that you haven't been pinning immoral comments these days. I would like to see them return as it gives me as a dedicated and loyal viewer more entertainment. Thank you. -Master Oogway

  6. 10:39

    "Everybody knows there is a saying in chess"

    yeah, i know that… magnus told me this once

  7. pp on the pp should be a legitimate chess term

  8. (3:49) "mwne, i'm going to be so sneaky"
    (4:58) "oohh wee pew pew"
    (10:23)"pp on the pp if you will"
    (11:49) "there are ffffffifhty! more moves ffffifty"
    (12:42) " and suddenly its game on Rooook g1…"
    (14:14) " the queen dispite being the big bad wolf…"
    (15:29) "BOOOOOM…"
    (18:25) "gauouhhhoouh wait a minute"

  9. It would've been hilarious if it ended in a stalemate.

  10. I think the approach here is not the best, to be honest. The video could've been funny and instructing at the same time — and i really believe that's what Levy had in mind — but it kinda crosses the borders into making low rated players think they blunder because they're downright stupid.

  11. Why is the guy with the black pieces called Jamal………

  12. Levi calls us out every single time and is always right! How did he know I was watching on a laptop and on another tab

  13. Thank god I found gotham chess on YouTube coz he's the best chess YouTuber ever!!!!

  14. Black made me so angry we gotta jump Jamaal

  15. When you calculate hypothetical moves, end it on your opponents turn and not yours… ✍️🏾✍️🏾.

  16. With many such videos this almost feels recycled.

  17. Todays stare Was beautifull.
    It had a playfull note and was very impressive. 8,7/10

  18. I commenting from my smart phone because after watching this game , I destroyed my laptop.

  19. As a 2250, I still feel like I make some of these blunders. (I’m 600 btw)

  20. Trying to get a like from Levy. Day: 7⃣

  21. I was so sure it'd be stalemate. Alas xD

  22. I wait until the day a game is so trash, Levy gives the protagonists only an honorary IM title

  23. ofc a clickbait thumbnail as always just for that clicks, your fame alr ended after tiktok bro stop trying so hard LOL

  24. so like michael chandler v justin gaethje in heavyweight

  25. This was painful to watch but we've all been there before so fair play to white

  26. Bruh i started playing a few days ago, im bout 400, and im not even near (i hope so)

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