400 Elo Chess Is Painful…

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  1. you clickbaited the stream, the title is supposed to be: 400 elo chess. 400 mistakes

  2. I feel like 400 elo is the same as 0, like 0-400 are all equally as bad and good as each other.

  3. How did black see that brilliant check with the bishop and actually follow it up only to blunder that rook by moving it into a square that it can be instantly captured…?

  4. "white doesn't see that at all, and black follows up with.. not seeing it either" 5:15 comedy, Levy. Comedy, you got it!

  5. isnt it sus that jamal has black pieces? :DD

  6. "White doesn't see that at all, and black follows that up with not seeing it either." GTE summarized

  7. @GothamChess. The point @ 6:00 about "ending your calculation on your opponents move." Makes sense and is something that you should remember as good advice for novices. I understand that now. But I've never heard that point made about ending on my opponents move. And i think it's a big point that would help novices and you should remember it because i don't think it's a point made by most instructors on youtube. And lots of novices (i'm basically one) simply don't get these sorts of common sense things because chess is complicated for us. anyways hope you keep that in the back of your mind because it's pearl of wisdom and as a master you might not know how good a point it is for us.

  8. I won by resign and I lost elo??? Also how do you review people's games.

  9. Lol.. Just waiting for the day I'm on one of these videos. Ps the entertainment value of these videos is insane! Im like maybe 6 weeks in to my chess journey and feel like this video was about me. I feel like im learning a bit from the dr wolf app but at the same time when i play a real person i loose every time.

  10. Wow this is one of the chess games of all time

  11. 16:45 this is why I am at 700. I will play like a 1500 get a completely winning position, then hang my queen

  12. I feel like these are the purposely the most brain dead 400ds

  13. As a 400 elo player… why can't I get guys like this when I am playing? LOL

  14. This entire game seems to be “the one doesn’t see the threat of the other however, neither does the one making the threat.”

  15. Bro, you can almost see white's playful personality in this game xD He literally blundered so many times but black was doing the same. Quality video. GG to both

  16. That discovered check was great tho. Small victories

  17. 4:50 I imagine that Jamaal is not too happy about being labeled that way..

  18. I'm also 400 Elo and I literally thought it was me but with a different name when I saw the gameplay lol

  19. "Never end a calculation like this o your move"…I'm different now

  20. Whats the better drama series, How to lose at chess or squid game?

  21. you need to analyse an orbital racer or frank game

  22. I guess you missed the whole tyson thing

  23. as somebody who just hit 573… yeah even we make bulnders like this

  24. He really can make 400 elo games interesting…

  25. Lmao Gotham seems to be a big fight fan he should train that’d be crazy 🔥

  26. These guys are so dumb ( I’m 100 elo above them so I’m allowed to say it)

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