5 Chess Games YOU MUST KNOW!

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5 Chess Games You Must Know

0:00 Intro
0:34 Game 1 – Morphy
7:28 Game 2 – Immortal
15:30 Game 3 – Evergreen
21:50 Game 4 – La Bourdonnais
28:32 Game 5 – Kasparov

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  1. Paul Morphy with the "F u I'm not trading queens BOZO" was the biggest chess powermove I've seen.

  2. Great games! Excellent educational commentary too 😎👍

    You got me though, I was so sure the last game you featured was going to be Fischer versus Byrne 😂

  3. Okay I've seen pictures of checkmates from various grandmasters and thought those were cool. But this breakdown was insane and i've never seen games like this.

  4. "didnt wear buttons?" is that east cost dialect tor "fasten buttons?"

  5. True: The more you know about chess, the less you know about anything else in the world.

  6. Not very applicable, though moves are skilled. Its almost like hope- chess. You gotta improvised Levy

  7. What is about queen f3 in the 4th game at the end witzig the three pawns?:)

  8. In the last game the knight became a cuddly octopus

  9. @GothamChess Is there any Fischer games that could of been on this list? Sorry for the @ but I am 12 months late to the party. Hopefully you respond. Thank you

  10. 2:52 I had this position but my opponent played Nc6 blundering checkmate

  11. 16:54 I've heard about the Evans gambit two days ago by watching a video who tells us to crush weak opponents and make them cry by using that opening.

  12. What an incredible lesson. Thank you for your teaching.

  13. Extraordinary prescience; as far as chess is concerned, these men are on another level, such clever thinking and so inventive.

  14. Can someone make a movie for this guy starring Daniel Radcliffe?

  15. Words cannot describe how fucking crazy these games are especially no3

  16. I do not like you plus I do not know you I just do not like you

  17. At 6:00 why would pawn H6 be a bad idea? Still learning myself

  18. What is truly fascinating about the Immortal Game is that it's not a perfect game for White, unlike the Evergreen, in which Anderssen's only dubious move was 17.Nf6+. Anderssen made lots of mistakes as well in the Immortal, but for how chess was analysed (without engines, of course) back in the day, it appeared like a supreme gem in the history of chess. White often lost advantage in that game: 18.Bd6 is a mistake. Kieseritzky didn't see the Queen sacrifice and thought that 20…Na6 was the correct move to prevent mate on c7, but if you put the position on any engine, it will show you that moving the Bishop, thus creating an escape square for the King, leaves White with just a small advantage, given by the opportunity to win back the sacrificed material. It really teaches a lesson on how chess changed: pre-Lasker/Capablanca chess was just a different thing from the cold-blooded Cold-War Sicilians and stuff.

  19. I can listen to Harry Potter talk about muggle chess all day, every day !!

  20. Mahe de Labourdonnais is actually part of my country's history. Yet we never learned that he was a skilled chess player. Thanks Levi

  21. Amazing video, this is good chess lore, after this video I got an inspiration to learn the scilian! please make more chess lore videos

  22. The third game was God tier level. Damn!

  23. In the immortal game why develop knight to wing? If knight c6 mate is prevented!

  24. You asked us to debate in the comments whether a tree falling in the forest with nobody around makes a sound. There's no debate. Of course it does. The question establishes that the tree exists without witnesses, therefore the sound also exists.

  25. What if nobility had castled queenside instead of just rook d8 in opera game?

  26. I can't wait to see your interpretation of Reti-Capablanca 1924 and Fischer-Kovacevic 1970.

  27. Playing against Andersson would've made me quit playing chess out of pure shame

  28. “Evergreen” and “Immortal” are synonymous enough.

  29. "I don't know what it is, but whenever he goes like 'Chess is sooo hard,' I transform into a supercharged chess ninja, determined to make him eat his words! Challenge accepted, GothamChess! Time to show you who's the boss of the board!"

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