5 Common Mistakes BEGINNERS Make in Chess

5 mistakes you should avoid making in chess as a beginner! Let me know if you wanna see more videos like this 🙂

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00:00-00:39 Intro
00:39-01:49 Mistake 1: Not moving your pieces
towards the centre
01:49-03:03 Mistake 2: Moving the same
piece twice
03:03-06:47 Mistake 3: Exchanging pieces
for no reason
06:47-08:32 Mistake 4: Not calculating
attackers & defenders
08:33-13:04 Mistake 5: Not using your
king in the endgame
13:04-13:39 Outro

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  1. In the mistake 3 – what would you do if black plays pawn g5 after you moved back? Then your bishop has to go g3 which seems like a weak place. Is it not better to exchange because of that? Timestamp ~ 4:15

  2. I love you. You're so beautiful and thank for your advice now I can practice playing against bots.

  3. Anna is such a beautiful human being 💕💕

  4. Bara en liten teknisk detalj… Rikta micken mot din mun. Ljudet blir så mycket bättre. Du är en ruggigt bra schack spelare så där ger jag dig pluspoäng.

  5. how can we do an opening when the opponent makes a move that totally is not shown as a defense for that opening?

  6. You are the most beautiful chess player I've ever seen lol

  7. Something that is not true with good players but is true with new players is in a end game bishops are easier to attack with. For example remove all pieces except 2 bishops same color and force mate for practice than do the same with 2 knights. Which is easier?🤔🤔. Bishops of course!!! New players bishops are like 3.1 points and knights 2.9 in a end game!

  8. When I was in my teens at school, I used to play quite a bit and although I'd win most games, I made most of these mistakes. We had a thick book on Chess at home that I learned from and there was this one move I used to do that baffled everyone. I'd read about it from this book. However, I just went on Wikipedia and now realise that I played it wrong all along. It was "en passant," which most beginners have no clue about.

  9. I am 36, never figured out chess. Couldn't do it, hyperactive mind, but just didn't understand the game. I watched OTHER people play a game on new years and sat down for my first real chess game after being convinced to get my ass kicked.. I won 3 times against 3 players and the longest game was 10 minutes. When I watched them play, something clicked and I just suddenly knew how to play chess

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