50 PAWNS vs 5 QUEENS | Chess Memes #37

50 PAWNS vs 5 QUEENS | Chess Memes #37

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  1. Bro black had a mate in 2 but he played the move to start it like 3 moves after it was possible

  2. а есть без этих одноклеточных комментариев?

  3. I have a headache from this game. So many blunders bro

  4. Most stupid moves, black could play better, white also could.
    And such stupid dialogue
    I hate you for failing such good starting situation

  5. 5 ферезей = 45 пешек, а не 50

  6. But it’s only 32 pawns…

  7. Кто нибудь купите мозг тому кто играл за чёрных

  8. Black doesn't play good he can be difited by 5 year old

  9. 4:11 the idea is to move the second queen along the h vertical

  10. бля полнейшая хуетень смотреть интересно но это приближение просто блядь калит

  11. Pawn:”The duty of any pawn is to reach the end of the chessboard and turn into a pawn”
    Me:💀☠️🪦😂🤣 2:07

  12. На 4 : 24 не ферзем на h2 а другим ферзем на h8 и мат белим неизбежен они даже успевают поставить ферзя но без шаха

  13. White will win because white has 32 pawns and black has 5 queens more than 15 pieces ez win

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