6 Straight Tournament Victories!

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Rapport, Richard (2708) – Carlsen, Magnus (2823)
GRENKE Chess Classic and Open 2024 (Chess.com) [01-02] 2024.04.01
C50 Giuoco Pianissimo, Italian four knights variation

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.d3 Bc5 5.Nc3 h6 6.O-O d6 7.Na4 Bb6 8.a3 Bg4 9.c3 Qc8 10.Nxb6 axb6 11.Bb3 Ne7 12.h3 Be6 13.Ba4+ Bd7 14.Bc2 Ng6 15.Nh2 O-O 16.f4 exf4 17.Bxf4 Nxf4 18.Rxf4 Qd8 19.d4 Ra5 20.Qd3 d5 21.exd5 g6 22.c4 b5 23.Raf1 Ra6 24.Qf3 Kg7 25.d6 Rxd6 26.c5 Bc6 27.Qf2 Re6 28.Bb3 g5 29.Rf5 Be4 30.Bxe6 fxe6 31.Re5 Bd3 32.Rd1 Ng4 33.Nxg4 Rxf2 34.Nxf2 Bc4 35.Ng4 Bb3 36.Rd2 h5 37.Nf2 Bd5 38.Ne4 Bxe4 39.Rxe4 g4 40.hxg4 Qg5 41.Rde2 hxg4 42.g3 Qf5 43.Rf4 Qd3 44.Kf2 Qb3 45.Rxg4+ Kf7 46.Rf4+ Kg7 47.Rfe4 Qd3 48.Kg2 c6 49.Rg4+ Kf7 50.Rf2+ Ke7 51.Rg7+ Ke8 52.Rgf7 e5 53.dxe5 Qd5+ 54.Kh2 Qxc5 55.R7f5 Qe3 56.Kh3 Ke7 57.Rf7+ Ke8 58.Rf8+ Ke7 59.R2f7+ Ke6 60.Rf6+ Kd5 61.Rd8+ Kc4 62.e6 Qe5 63.Rf4+ Kb3 64.Rd3+ Kc2 65.Rdf3 Qxe6+ 66.g4 Kxb2 67.Kg2 c5 68.Rg3 Qd5+ 69.Kh2 Qe5 70.Rf2+ Kb1 71.Rf1+ Kc2 72.Rf2+ Kd1 73.Kh3 Ke1 74.Rf5 Qe4 75.Rg1+ Ke2 76.Rg2+ Ke1 77.Rg1+ Ke2 78.Rg2+ Ke1 79.Rg1+


0:00 Hello Everyone
02:00 CNG!
14:00 Pause the Video!
14:25 Fixing the Interface!
17:10 World Top 20!
19:45 Contributions

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  1. how does the candidates tournament work?? like what’s the format??

  2. This candidates should have had a double round robin

  3. I love how you always do these videos in a single take with no edits. That must take a lot of practice and prep work.

  4. Magnus still be Magnus while the next gen fights to see who the next Magnus is, legend.

  5. And yes, chess is a sport. Have you ever seen Tal playing in a blitz game? Just as exciting as any sporting event.

  6. No one is not even close to Magnus in literally every aspect related to chess. Dude to flex even more on the other top GMs wins world titles every year by playing shitty openings without preparation lmao

  7. It'd be hilarious if they found out that Magnus has been cheating all this time on some Bill Belichek type thing, and that's why he gets mad when someone is wearing a watch. To be real though, we are going to have a movie one day named, Searching for Magnus Carlson. He is an amazing player and wish him nothing but the best

  8. And then agadmator said, “now it’s a dead draw” disappointed.

  9. Huh! People are really getting way too 'serious' about 'Position Never Been Reached Before' to a cringe level. Chill, man. Even I, 1k elo, play a lot of silly move (clearly as I have no knowledge). Don't take it that seriously.

  10. Over the board in serious tournaments is valid criteria for a new game. Specially to YouTube audience. 😊

  11. That was a VICIOUS game, like a wild swordfight, leaping all over the stage and you think every lunge is going to end it in bloody fashion – but they all just miss the mark. I hope the stunt doubles were well-paid. I now go off to do my own online matches in exactly the wrong frame of mind.

  12. Carlsen is still the world champ in my eyes.

  13. Best chess player in history and he's not Jewish.

  14. i reached this position and everybody knows me so its not new.

  15. 6:20 interesting statement that only shows how good Magnus is. He puts other players in such positions where the best moves (even winning ones) are hard to spot.

  16. Only guy who is not "scared" of Magnus in my opinion is Nodirbek,he goes for it 😎

  17. This Magnus guy…that rook pin when being threatened with CM is just ice cold

  18. Why the loser of wc match is automatically included in candidates he also should qo through like other candidates he had two chances in row lost it so Ian should be disqualified

  19. that pawn to b4 with the rook mate made me chuckle – as always b4 is winning

  20. If white initiates a queen trade with Qf3 the bishop on a4 hangs. at 3:13

  21. #suggestion Hey Agad, it´s Lenier PErez not PerEz. The first e is accentuated. I tell you this because I know you are very serious about the pronunciation of names. Regards from Argentina!!

  22. #suggestion please show a game yagız kaan erdogmus played in grenke he became the youngest gm in fide and the 4th youngest gm in history in this tournament

  23. It's not 6 it's 60 tournament victories 😂

  24. Richie seeing ghosts every where make this game look pretty haunted.

  25. I found Rf3 that's all. But they are great players. Poor Rapport.

  26. Thank you for analyzing this. I watched the live stream and the evaluation bar was bouncing like a ping-pong ball, but I didn't have a clue on all of the nuances in the positions.

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