8 Truly Remarkable Chess Puzzles

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  1. i have 1258 rating, can i still read that book?

  2. Pown for 5 on c5 checkmating the king

  3. For puzzle 2, what if white didn't take the rook, and the Bishop took the pawn on a5?

  4. puzzle 3 is dumb because the rook was hanging and black didnt take

  5. But in puzzle 3 the pawn can take the rook.

  6. 6:10 the rook is litteraly hanging and its like no one sees the pawn on a7

  7. 3:31 bro doesnt realise pawn takes b4 is mate
    3:16 pawn take b4, he has to take with the bishop, then queen b4 is mate

  8. 6:24 why don't you take the rook with the pon, i dont care the knight stops him ill gain a tempo and win.

  9. The 2nd 1 you could just use move the knight to c3 its that easy
    Edit: i didnt see the rook ._.

  10. 11:31 the black bishop could go to c6 checking the whiteking and white is either gonna move his king or take the black bishop by the white bishop and white can queen can just take the queen and its going to be a winning endgame for black

  11. 14:30
    White Rook: Oh, don’t mind me, just walking my pet black king.

  12. How do you make knight move arrows go straight to the square instead of the arrow making a turn?

  13. The second puzzle was a professional game, i remember seeing the position but cant tell you who played it

  14. Puzzle two knight to c2 is checkmate in one

  15. β€œI can checkmate in one, but instead i will make it into a smothered checkmate”

  16. In puzzle 3 (isolated pawns ) the a7 pawn could have taken the rookie on b6

  17. For the 2nd puzzle just move knight to f2

  18. Can you imagine someone pulling the last one off in a game?

  19. at 12:47 you what would happen if you black put the knight on the diaganol?

  20. I have a problem with a claim you made with Puzzle 7. You said that the only move was moving the king up but taking the knight doesn't put black king at check so it is an actually viable move

  21. Puzzle 4 is not a win if the bishop checkmates

  22. For the first puzzle black could’ve just moved their pawn up and if the knight takes it the blacks knight can take it and it isn’t checkmate anymore

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