A Carlsen Game So Good, You Question Chess Itself

Magnus Carlsen Astonishes The Field With Remarkable Double Sacrifice in Titled Tuesday 21st November 2023, Late Chess Tournament. Magnus Carlsen played this incredible double rook exchange sacrifice again Le Quang Liem. Truly remarkable chess!

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  1. Happy Birthday Magnus🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  2. Could you add the links to the games you refer to?

  3. I've actually played a game similar to this.

  4. “Here comes the tin opener, looking to rip open this giant baked bean and get at it” – that made me laugh. Imagine opening a tin of beans and it contained a single giant bean. A sumo bean!

  5. I’ve seen a ton of your videos, this is the best, cleanest, funniest one so far. Your personality really shows, highly entertaining. EPIC!

  6. James Thanks for always doing a super job … the way you comment the games is fantastic .

  7. I'm hardly qualified to say this (~1400 on a good day), but I agree with you, Epic Chess — it was a beautiful game, and such entertaining and awesome analysis! Magnus sees the board…the game, even…so differently than I do, and apparently even most other GMs. I am LOVING his recent disdain for modern opening conventions 1) to keep the game interesting for him; and 2) to cattle-prod his opponents out of their comfort zones. He is definitely in their heads, and it seems he has gotten past his purported boredom with the game. And his boldness — courage even — to yield material for advantage, when he knows the clock is such a factor, and that his opponents simply cannot think as fast! Wow. I'd love to be in the room when he's thinking up all these atypical openings, watching him think aloud "how can I completely neuter my opponent's preparation and memorization, how can I force him to match my natural genius." Thank you, Epic Chess!

  8. Magnus discovered he can play unorthodox or even bad openings to throw his opponents off of their prep and then proceed to demolish them with a much better understanding of chess.

  9. Wonderful video. I wish I could see through the eyes of a great chess player for just 5 minutes. Can you arrange that?

  10. Epic!!! I love your stuffs bro, got me laughing too 🤣😅

  11. "Magnus plays the most Magnus move ever!"

  12. 11:10 pathetic white rook has to block the bishop check. self pin.

  13. this is by far the best chess chanel – keep up the good work

  14. I know that game. It was Alekhine vs Reti

  15. "white is moribund" check out this guy's vocabulary.

  16. That sumo wrestler is Kakuryu, now retired, one of three recent Mongolian grand champions of the Japanese national sport.(But whether or not he plays chess . . .)

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