Acid Rain On The Chess Board | Chess Meme 53

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  1. Technically acid raid should remove the tiles.

  2. FAST FOR THREE DAYS 💀💀💀💀💀 !?!

  3. If alien ate black army and pooped it out the vid would be better

  4. The aliens dont have interest in our puny planet

  5. bro pissed on earth, elon is da son of da alien

  6. Pause your video click on this👉🏻 0:00 And you will see the alien

  7. Chess Bites always fails to disappoint us

  8. Hi chess bites 😊
    Has there been any video where there's nothing weird?

  9. Will you help me hide a body 🙂
    Come on we can't delay ⏰️
    No one can see him on the floor 🙈
    Get him out the door 🚪
    Before he can decay 😰

  10. Nahhh dude an giant alien pissing on earth?🤣🤣

  11. How intresting was that story!!!!😮😇

  12. I wasn't expecting that plotwist, oh god.

  13. Hiii boi i really love ur videos keep it up🙃🙃🙃

  14. fun fact the white king (president) has the exact same goods (if you know what i mean) as the serial killer. For Chess Bites content:

  15. If you want more often chess bites videos and if you love chess bites don't like this commitment

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