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  1. Wei Yi was Alireza before Alireza was Alireza, Alireza…. 😂😂

  2. i think alireza giri will indeed win this titled steel

  3. I don’t even watch out for the chess anymore. Levy’s voice helps me sleep.

  4. I love how Eline is just guns blazing win or lose. No draws here.

  5. 20:18 no not alireza .. we`re on to the next one
    21:16 ali er (im not trolling ,just trying to improve my powers of observation .. for chess) 😅

  6. 12:57
    I thought rook trade first then bishop to c3. I found the sac nontheless so Im happy

  7. Gotham made a video about beating magnus with like 3 briliant moves and he does not saying anything about it

  8. is hans nieman forgiven for cheating , because whenever i see him i want him to lose because hes a cheater ?🤷 am i missing something

  9. Some chess players will this interesting…😂

  10. I’m a simple man, I see levy , I click

  11. Love your content man you make chess fun got me to start learning how to play!!

  12. my luck :((((( i legit just went to sleep and you upload i am so sad

  13. If there are children watching this, they should stop😂😂😂😂😂 Gukesh sometimes is like break every rule of chess at the top 😂😂😂

  14. Marc’Andrua is starting to become one of my favorite chess players❤

  15. Haven't watch the video yet, but let me guess,


  16. I wish he named it tats steel round 6… at least retro actively after he gets his clicks .. makes it really hard to find recaps of the past

  17. are you ok? did you get electricuted or sth? I hope you're ok. Take care of yourself bro. that hair is wild

  18. These games are so good!! I hope you cover more !!

  19. The thing i like about chess is that it’s played everywhere around the world

  20. You did a good job making this video I think some1 said something about you making a video and they will always watch your truly make good content and I love that you can see the time and passion you show in the videos

  21. Hans'vibrator ran out of battery.

    This is a joke I don't know if he cheated or not before don't take this comment seriously lmao

  22. Thank you GothamChess for your amazing coverage!

  23. Its amazing that my comments never got a single like on this damn channel

  24. It's a shame that they don't let women play with men very often.

  25. 20:18 Anish must've cheated if he had Alireza make a move for him. Not sure how he got away with that!

  26. Levy after he makes a mistake: Insults the audience. 🙂

  27. Thankyou title steel* for making yet another crazy championship

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