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  1. Hi Levy please do stockfish 16 vs stockfish 16 as you did with 15.

  2. Round 6 isn't the half-way point of a 13 rounds event, is it?

  3. Gotham 2024: every move precedes the other

  4. Loving the women coming out to show they can compete

  5. As someone who is fairly new to the chess world, 17 min for one move would put me to sleep.

  6. Mustafa needs to watch more Gotham vids because then he would’ve known to sacrifice… THE ROOOOK

  7. 20:19 he says alireza instead of Anish giri people can make mistakes 😂

  8. Levy, ….d5 by black in the Italian isn't rare. It has tons of theory.

  9. I´m lovin these last few recaps! Feels like it´s been ages since Levy featured games from players other than Magnus or Hikaru

  10. your videos make my food taste batter , love you

  11. After the elo boosting by firouzja I root against him

  12. i wish these recaps would be more easily watched as a series. i love the ironic-not-ironic clickbait titles, but its difficult to follow the whole tournament

  13. I’m here to see Ju Wenjun. Hoping she wins.

  14. Next title: "SOMETHING HAPPENED" 😂 gotta love it

  15. But Hans continues to walk so much better, and that's a plus!

  16. Firouzja's play was amazing. World champion quality.

  17. Levy's been crushing it during Tata Steel

  18. Giri can squeeze a draw from the jaws of a win

  19. I don't comment often but I really must say that Eline is one smart cookie. Good on her.

  20. 8:35 is white pressuring with the king 😂😂😂. Nice arrow levy

  21. Your 2023 Tata Steel Recap made me get to know Eline Roebers and now she's one of my favourite players. Such a straightforward and sharp player. Either she wins the games or she losses. NO DRAWS ALLOWED.

  22. I can’t wait to watch my favorite mewing YouTuber 🤫🧏‍♂️

  23. Gotham is the best chess content creator in the world, and as we say in saudi arabia وجهك فيه قبول سبحان الله
    Meaning that god gifted you with the acceptance of the people.

  24. Is it any wonder people suspect Hans of cheating. One day he plays like stockfish and beats magnus and another day plays like a 2400 and loses to a 2500.

  25. I love the part when Alireza came inside Anish.

  26. This tournament has really been a pain in the butt for hans niemann.

  27. when he paused for the whistle I thought he saw something on the board and was about to whisper "what is this😦" and then Anish would completely loose or something

  28. Just think Roobers. oe in Dutch is like oo in English (as in rook or tool).

  29. Hans: "I don't need these beads to beat a chick"
    Also Hans: Loses

  30. 31:29 is indeed correct. Americans should pronounce it like ROO-bers

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