Alireza v Wesley | Can Firouzja Beat the Unbeatable? | Speed Chess Championship 2023 QF | !coinbase

The 2023 Speed Chess Championship presented by Coinbase is the strongest online speed chess event in the world! Watch five-time champ Hikaru Nakamura take on a field including Magnus Carlsen, Alireza Firouzja, Fabiano Caruana, Gukesh D, and world champion Ding Liren, for their share of the $150,000 prize fund!

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  1. Good going Wesley for giving me a heart attack

  2. Why didn't he just push pawn to f3 at 38:36? Wouldn't he have won a knight

  3. These matches would be more attractive with Alireza! Now we have to follow a series of regular games😌

  4. Why is Wesley always doing something on the side or around his desk, he looks like he was so uncomfortable & weary or so nervous, i guess??? He is playing chess against super grandmaster and he needs to concentrate on the screen. Obviously, he couldn't sit still on his chair.

  5. Wow if I played a match against one of these guys I would definitely not win all the games.

  6. Incredible match and very exciting commentary. Masterpiece for all protagonists

  7. Awesome coverage, content and top chess. Took me 2-3 days to play through your commentary… 10/10 to the players and all!

  8. Daniel came up with a great point alireza had no problem finding the best moves even in blitz but he couldn’t trust his intuition as much as faster time control games and he would get down on the clock , i think he needs a mentor more than anything

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