Andrew Tate Destroys Chess CHEATER…

Chess is just like Rock Climbing…
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  1. This guy is a troll and by that I mean Ottomeister

  2. I wouldn't call that a cheater as he has made some rookie mistakes

  3. bro your english is getting better brother, keep learning 💪

  4. His official account is putinwillwin; last seen January…

  5. I'm a bit miffed at the title because the "cheater" obviously didn't cheat in that video though, as he made several noticeable errors..

  6. How do you know he played this? Is it on twitter or sum sht?

  7. He is nit the best person in the world but he is good at chess

  8. Real question brother, why in your slang does the “th” sound always convert to the “ffff” sound? I’m generally curious to learn more about other cultures and languages. Hope it wasn’t insulting brother 🙏🏼

  9. Guys wanna bet, it's not Andrew Tate playing lol? He might be just using Tate for views smh… If you wanted to fake it better, you should like show the entire screen with ign and move clock and elo so like, get better at faking it… Also opponent wasn't really cheating tbh, the moves aren't all top bot moves which are common in the 1700s so yeah!

  10. You have a great niche topic to make YouTube videos about. From what I’ve seen it’s mostly celebrities and influencers. Idk if you make shorts or TikTok’s but that might be another great way to bring in more fans, as my whole YouTube shorts feed is Andrew Tate lol. And I’m sure you could get fans through that source too, either way the content is great!

  11. He probably was mad about that game and started cheating


  13. your improvement outside of chess is very visible, stay hard, brother.

  14. Youre a scammer youve no proof this is even andrew tates account.

  15. Truly disgraceful to have L Lawilet as your pfp and being a chess cheater.

  16. so proud of u cuz, the hard work is really paying off, keep it up lad

  17. Playing a cheetah, now that'a an alpha male

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