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  1. Gl on your gm road I belive in you

  2. The one thing more scary to face than regular Magnus or drunk Magnus is pissed off Magnus.

  3. "Anish Giri old af" I just turned 30 yesterday… thanks I guess 😀

  4. Bro is like 45 and talking about Magnus being old af😂♿️

  5. 0:01 'Buckle up' was a good start but then you shouldn't have tried too hard.

  6. Magnus be like : If you are bad ….I am your dad…

  7. Watched all of day 5, it was incredible chess seeing Magnus win 10 in a row

  8. the most surprising fact i've learned from this video is that Anish is 29

  9. I unironically really enjoy Levy reviewing Magnus' games. It's great chess + great commentating – not gonna complain about that.

  10. i think he start playing the tournament as drunk magnus

  11. levy can you recommend a good triple weighted wooden piece set under 15 dollars

  12. Nobody giving me a like 😒

    Edit 1: I got a like 😃
    Edit 2: That was the like from my hand ✋😩… By accident

  13. As a Indian I would say: Levi you are bogo…

  14. How many of u expecting a giveaway when levy reaches 5M subs 🕺🕺🕺

  15. 0:08 oh sh*t i forgot, thanks for reminding. Now let's watch what is magnus has been servin'.

  16. Imagine if in 2008, Michael. Phelps decided to just not go to the Olympics. And then some other swimmers won gold medals. And then he decided to show up at every meet and destroy everyone. Some people would say that he should’ve gone to the Olympics. Others would say he should do what he wants. But only a great fool would think he wasn’t the best swimmer in the world.

  17. gotham is the perfect channel to put on the background but still watch because someone sacrificed THE ROOOK

  18. The Derrick Lewis fight really was unbelievable hahahaah 😂❤️

  19. Gotham chess creates record by posting about magnus ..

  20. Not many accounts cover tournaments or even Magnus games the way levy does. I only see Epic Chess doing it but I like the way levy does it. Kind of surprising since that is such a big draw for you

  21. Fuck that, I’m gonna great af. But, I get your point 😊

  22. Bros legit getting 5m subs either in hours or couple days

  23. I listened for 10 seconds and immediately hated this guy due to having zero charisma or effective timing.

  24. Can’t stand when levy puts a “G” at the end of Jan

  25. Ladies and gentlemen, he's back, now he's not milking but drinking the milk of magnus carlson

  26. errmmmm mr levy, Warsaw is said like Varsaw ☝️

  27. Congrats for the 255 pr i also got 320 last week

  28. You rely too much on your communication skills

  29. Subbed for the Derrick Lewis comment – any chess and MMA lover is ok in my book 😀

  30. Levy sounds like he's as over commentating as much as his hair is over staying on his head

  31. Bro, I am here for the gym updates. Keep the the PRs coming, King.

  32. Wei yi has been on fire recently, so his studies really got in the way of his chess. He would have been challenger by now to the world title but the man chose university and did chess on the side. I am now convince from this tournament and tata steel that he is as great of talent as Gukesh and Firouzja. Meanwhile its another day in the office for Magnus 😅 the stronger the field, the more he is motivated, the more casualities in the aftermath. He is already in contention with Garry but when its all said and done, and we look back at his track record Magnus will be the Goat of all time.

  33. You yellin' at the mic, you weird beard
    Your beard's weird, why you yellin' at the mic?(Illa Illa)

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