Are Chess Players actually smart?

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  1. I used to think they were smart; then, I listened to the Botez sisters speak.

  2. No they're are not and smart people who play chess are horrible,i speak from experience 😂😂

  3. ludwig isnt an average person, he's averagely a person

  4. Man is so commited to prove that chess players are not smart that he would rather call himself dum instead of admitting that chess players are smart.

  5. Bobby Fisher once said I’m not a genius at chess, I’m a genius who happens to play chess.

    At the top GM level they are all incredibly smart and could have easily applied themselves in any other area.

  6. The best chest player does not mean he is a genius but a genius can play chess like a pro

  7. A genuine genius is usually only good in one particular thing play a video game that gives you stats jack of all trades is good at pretty much everything but not the best at anything then you have a specialist great at maybe 2 or 3 things but the best no then you have a genuine genius they are the best in the field on one task and one task only

    Take a tank character can take damage but bad at dodging or dealing much
    Ranger great at a distance in trouble up close
    Same thing in life you can choose to be proficient in one field and the best at it or be good at many things but never be the best

    Put Gordon Ramsay Vs Mike Tyson in a ring Gordon's going to die but put Tyson Vs Ramsey in a kitchen and it's no contest so you should really ask yourself should I be a genuine genius in one thing knowing I may never be the best or make anything out of it or be a jack of trades good at many things but will never get recognised for anything

  8. I once played connect 4 with my friend in math class and people were saying spots where I would be knocked out by me and my friend perfectly balanced

  9. They are considered smart because the higher your iq the easier time you will have finding the best moves

  10. Chess is not just one board game
    It's a battlefeild!!

  11. as a chess player, i can confirm that connect 4 is pretty easy

  12. Genius is reserved for the field they're a "genius" in. However, if a chess master adapts lessons from chess into life, then they're probably not genius, but pretty good at strategy and reasoning, and maybe even probability 🤷‍♂️

  13. As a speedcuber and a chess player, I can tell you, getting good at something only makes you good at that one thing (in general)

  14. chess players are good at boardgames.. lmfao

  15. Gotham chessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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