Beat Me at Chess, Win $100

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  1. Cheap prize from a cheap player!)))

  2. She really wanted to give them weed money

  3. Imagine if Hikaru, Magnus, Fabiano just teleport there

  4. Only if that little kid still played fast on the french exchange 😊

  5. You are such a nice and kind person…! The "lets goooo" killed me 😁
    Love from Germany

  6. "Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter." __Francis Chan

  7. You are great 😊😊😊
    Your speqking style body language are awesome

  8. what does the 800 rating mean in chess? And anyone knows what her rating is?

  9. I could play rat defense and win on time 😅

  10. How you will you spend this money?
    Kid: Hookers and coke

  11. Bro you can't jump around on the games you choose tho show, have an extended video or something. And whoever edits the videos is using the same graphic when you win and when you lose I mean c'mon. Your brand management is really poor in a very rich environment, I would honestly help for free.

  12. 3:05 She was just being kind here. Even 300 Ello can solve that puzzle.

  13. The Dinosaur won give him his Money 😂

  14. The kid at the end just realized theres money to this game he just plays with his brother. and the money is downtown

  15. Me sorprende la buena actitud que tienes con todo el mundo, muy educada 🙂

  16. какая она красивая! Наверное самая красивая шахматистка в мире!

  17. She lost 200 $… but she earned it anyway by making this video

  18. Можно субтитры на русском

  19. Como van a pagar 100 dolares por ganar Alden 😮 !que sea una apuesta!

  20. Beauty with Brain..
    And a nice hearted princess 🌹

  21. Damn i wish i could have shook Alexandras hand

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