Beat me at chess, win a date

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  1. That wasn’t mats he can take with the pawn to get himself out of check

  2. You better go out with that 10.5’s only get lucky a few times😳

  3. Why the fk she acting super high. Show some respect at least. The guy did something many can't do. Be humble.

  4. As soon as she said lawsuit, I would’ve been out

  5. He kinda looks like the Oliver queen in Smallville

  6. Seriously if anyone could challenge should I try 😁😁

  7. If he could have reduced her time by moving fast, she trashtalked to make him nervous and make the wrong move worrying about time

  8. Simps be sims. Smh. Simps make real men look bad.

  9. I almost wrote that's not Mate, his pawn can take her knight! Then I looked closer underneath the letters naming the video and noticed her queen! Good Job. Is she a professional player?

  10. My name is Tyler in real life who keeps on using my name

  11. lol she’s for the streets and chess 😂😂😂😂

  12. ONLY play chess for 30days? What about that tissue box..?

  13. He could have switched the king and rook. He didn’t do it already and all conditions to switch it were met

  14. Wait but why did he need a tissue while trying to learn chess 👀

  15. O.o….ive never been more enamored in all of my life…..

  16. why did he had a tissue paper? It was kinda sus

  17. Id so beat her in chess for a date. Which would just be playing more chess, and doing…..stuff lol

  18. The only mistake he had was keeping his king trapped — gotta respect him for studying the game for 30 days though, you gotta give him a rematch !

  19. Nah I am a chess master and he would have won if he used the right move

  20. U got bamboozled the chess game was the date all along

  21. and I'm here like whats the story with the last guy?

  22. Bro studied chess for 30 days and lost in 30 seconds🤦‍♂️💀

  23. And then one of these days, they wake up and suddenly wonder where all the good guys went to.

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