Beat me at chess, win a date

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  1. Why not f5 to g3 forcing him to take and then queen to h6 for checkmate basically

  2. these girls says, go outside and ask real women on date, instead of Onlyfans or Corn sites
    guy actually asks them out for a date
    ez rejects them, with chess
    double standards

  3. Imagine a man saying I'll accept you if you beat me in a fight

  4. I’d definitely finish in under 30 seconds too Andrea

  5. These botez sisters are not so beautiful, better find other hoez

  6. I thought we Indians guys do so much hard work to impress a female but men will be men😂

  7. Extreme challenge – dating a Botez sister

  8. take the man on a date he was clearly so devoted to seeing you that he spent 30 days practicing something, respect my man.

  9. This could be the reason your sister has a boyfriend and you do not…

  10. An entire date with you? Now that is both extreme and challenging. I would'nt survive.

  11. That would be enough motivation for me to become a GM in a couple weeks 👁️👁️

  12. When you realy know, you drop hard on the chart.

  13. If you can beat me in chess I will give you $200k! Just remember I have 40yrs playing and over 30 world records! Make the bet!

  14. This video is to try to drag other people down deliberately. YouTube please remove it

  15. Meeting Andrea in-person and playing chess with her is a date in itself 😊

  16. Not sure why anyone would want to take an attention whore out on a date. Just play the game. Not everything has to be about trying to fuck you.

  17. After g4 she missed Ng3+ hxg3 Qh6+ Bh3 Qxh3+ Rh2 Qxf1#

  18. Tbh that commitment is insane what a king

  19. She Won And After That…


  20. The way he had so many tissues on the table I suppose chess is not the only thing he studied 💀

  21. Taking jer out on a date would be classed as an extreme challenge for sure

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