Beth Harmon’s Final Chess Game | The Queen’s Gambit – Full Scene

And the student becomes the master. Watch the nail-biting final scene and chess match of The Queen’s Gambit, starring the inimitable Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon. Warning: Spoilers!

When winning takes everything, what are you left with? It’s the show everyone’s obsessed with: The Queen’s Gambit follows a young chess prodigy’s rise from an orphanage to the world stage. But genius comes with a cost. A riveting adaptation of Walter Tevis’ groundbreaking novel is streaming on Netflix now, starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Harry Melling and Marcin Dorociński.


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Beth’s Harmon’s Final Chess Game | The Queen’s Gambit – Full Scene

In a 1950s orphanage, a young girl reveals an astonishing talent for chess and begins an unlikely journey to stardom while grappling with addiction.


  1. 👍👌👏 What a very wonderful ending! I swear that someone is peeling onions right behind me.

  2. The colors of Beth's outfits are so reflective on the character, with her wearing the light green to match the pills at the beginning, constantly her clothes reflect her mental state, and at the end, when she buttons up the white jacket over the black shirt, I feel as if it symbolizes her choosing the light over the dark and hope over drugs/alcohol and pushing through it and being on the rise from her lows.

  3. The Queen's Gambit , The Royal Dossier , Jackie Bessette Kennedy , The final Chess , it's your game

  4. I like how the antagonist isn't a stereotypical Russian but Beth herself. Great story arc. Respectful.

  5. 3:11 Damn her queen outfit… she inspires so many people to play chess and love the game… also soudtrack in this series is a glorious masterpiece.

  6. This series made me love chess and start play it and I would be master in it in the future ❤

  7. She's so stunningly beautiful, I'm not convinced she's even human, this young woman is goin' places
    Hope Hellywood doesn't ruin her…..

  8. Сыграем;)Beautiful 💕

  9. The thing that I realized a bit later that Borgov spoke in English as he lost. We all assumed that he does not know any English, but he did. He revealed it finally as he lost.

  10. They somehow managed to make chess matches feel like big action sequences in movies. Great show.

  11. I don’t know by we have to root for this druggie thief with sharp cheek bones

  12. This show could not get made today. The Russian's are all portrayed as decent, normal people which is of course now politically incorrect.

  13. HOT TAKE: I think there was a part of Beth, however small, that saw Borgov as a father figure. She feared and respected him, and I think Borgov respected and even admired her as well. His imposing presence really does something to her. Borgov even compares Beth's struggle with his own as a Russian, like they're kindred spirits somehow. There's this desire for approval in many of Beth's interactions with him. But you get the sense that Borgov doesn't want to crush her. He just wants to elevate the game.

  14. If you've never read the original novel by Walter Tevis, do so. It is riveting! I never thought I could care so much about whether someone won or lost a game of chess.

  15. Why did he insist that she take the king ? Will she unscrew it and find a message inside saying he wants to defect ? So he lost deliberately ? And then we have series 2 about getting him to the US where they have the real match ?

  16. I'm a producer at Netflix we only want shows where women dominate men. New shows often include women hitting men and men saying nothing, being yelled at, men being idiots, women being much more capable with no training etc. This is the way of the future for woke America. We also include black and LGBTIQ+ to make them dominate men also. Women and children first, men are obsolete.

  17. King of North and theon greyjoy are both in it.

  18. It just occurred to me that the old guy she plays in the park looks a bit like Mr Shaibel. Giving her that squinty, lets-see-what-you-got look.

  19. Love the ending in the park with the old guys. Chess isn't about politics or anything like that, it's a beautiful battle between minds. No matter who you are, or where you're from, we're all equal on the Chessboard.

  20. Why would you make the title of the video a spoiler for those of us who are watching our way through the show. Thanks?? "Just so you know, this is the final scene of the whole show"

  21. 5:56 How funny would it have been if she said " You c*ck sucker!!!" instead..

  22. God Bless The Holy Soul of Esmeralda my Wives Holy Spirit whom I married under God and I will always love. Forever. The Arch Angel Revelation.

  23. Still one of my fave series. Thank you Netflix

  24. I loved this series and couldn't stop watching it, but like Bridgerton, it never happened. I suspect that younger viewers won't realize that. I have noticed that Netflix shows love to rewrite history with their utopian vision of what should have happened.

  25. A top notch drama in every aspect….loved it

  26. this will forever be my PERFECT netflix show. there is no villain, only resilience and love for a game and each other.

  27. Liza didn't want the fame, she wanted the game, so much respect these men must have felt knowing she saw them instead of the Political Elite, so much to play at a street level. Excellent cinematography, camera in step, then a pan stop as she walked down towards the men…excellent, simply excellent.

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