Bingo Chess

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Xomu – Last Dance

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  1. I think you're a coward for not getting all the bingo squares.

  2. chess, but you hate your siblings. you may pick one of your pawns that must survive until the end of the game, while the others must die.

  3. I expected the bingo chess that has 100+ brilliant reactions

  4. Mission accomplished, lets go girls.

  5. Hate seeing the game cut off in the middle of it 😢

  6. 1:40 I'm sorry what?? How is blundering his queen supposed to be the best move??

  7. lmao that shot where he blundered everything except the bishops is incredible

  8. Did… did he lose that game perhaps? Or why else not show a fastforward of the game? Coward.

  9. In this video SImp confirms that he is smurfing against a lower rated opponent, thus he basically confirmed he is above 100 elo

  10. My country's law is absurdly unfair to the indigenous People.

  11. smurfing on a 108 account. what a smurf. blue fucking smurf!!

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