I present to you, The COW Opening! This has never been played before, and I’ve actually had a pretty good win-rate with this opening. Let me know in the comments down below what you think of it, and if you try any games with it!

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00:00 Intro
00:23 First Game (white pieces)
15:45 Second Game (black pieces)

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  1. This opening was so good! I used it a few times now and I had a win streak for about 3-4 games with cow opening

  2. When you play the cow, the knights are riding cows not horses. Name the variations after events that happen to the cattle.

  3. I just tried that in two games, and the first i was almost lost but the oponent blocked and did a really bad move what lead me to win. And the next one the oponent resigned at 8th move, it's like magic😂

  4. Late to the party, I know. Just used this opening for the first time, I think it baffled my opponent. Taking the W in 26 moves. 🙂

  5. Why didn't you call it the Bull opening, Anna? 🐂

  6. Ferdinand was my favorite childhood book. Glad you mentioned it!

  7. Cutie girl, when you explain if bull has horns at 16:44, so cute!😊

  8. I’d love to see a variation that’s specific for white called “milk” and then a variation for black called “chocolate milk”! 😊

  9. This opening does not work because black will play pawn to h5 everytime.

  10. I Just now play the cow opening with black and win the game

  11. I am overjoyed with 'The Cow'; my rating 'ceiling' seems to be 800 but won three times in a row with this brilliant opening, expecting to break through the ceiling shortly (and finally). A great many thanks, Anna, love your channel. Erik, The Netherlands

  12. So, the Cow opening is magic! I will try it!😃

  13. With all the respect…this is a "cowshit". 😂

  14. Time to make a video how to play against this

  15. "when i was thinking about cows.."

    who tf thinks about cows?

  16. This opening has been discovered long ago by pafu he called it the defence game as well with the begginers game aka the hippo. Thanks for bringing it up to the world.

  17. All variations could be different types of cows like the belted Galloway or The Brangus or the Belgian blue.

  18. T1 still milking this cow. The guy probably played 5k games with the cow opening only. Maybe he'll reach 2k elo soon

  19. Bad news, Ive used that opening since childhood, simply because ppl rely on bishops so much.

  20. I am an absolute novice at chess but your content is so enjoyable to watch. PS The Italian guy was definitely into you!

  21. No. Gary Kasperhoff famously used the cow opening in his match against Boris Klinkenhoffer in the Russian Strudel Chess open in 1956. Was the match for the ages. Wink Wink.

  22. I’ve done this opening before years ago, just never had a name for it and no one claimed a name for it.Just having fun at chess club playing multiple games, trying multiple different openings, etc.Anyways congrats on naming the opening lol


  24. How many (or few) moves are required to create one's own opening? Is it a minimum of 3? A maximum of 10? Why did she settle on just 6 moves? Is the Cow any good?

  25. I've been doing this opening since I was a child, around 1999. I remember just going for it because I liked the symmetry. even to this day I still do it and something similar with my bishops. I do love your videos though, respect.

  26. The Cow Defense / I WON1. e4 d6
    2. d4 e6
    3. Nf3 Nd7
    4. Bc4 Ne7
    5. O-O Nb6
    6. Bb3 Ng6
    7. Re1 Be7
    8. Nc3 Bd7
    9. e5 O-O
    10. g3 dxe5
    11. dxe5 Bc6
    12. Nd4 Bd7
    13. f4 c5
    14. Ndb5 Bxb5
    15. Qxd8 Raxd8
    16. Nxb5 c4
    17. Ba4 Nxa4
    18. b3 cxb3
    19. axb3 Nb6
    20. Rxa7 Bc5+
    21. Kg2 Rd7
    22. Re2 Nd5
    23. c4 Nb4
    24. Be3 Bxa7
    25. Nxa7 Ne7
    26. Bc5 Nbc6
    27. Nb5 Rfd8
    28. Bb6 Ra8
    29. Nd6 Nc8
    30. Nxc8 Rxc8
    31. c5 Rd1
    32. Re3 Ra8
    33. Kf3 Nd4+
    34. Kg2 Ra2+
    35. Kh3 Nf5
    36. Rc3 Rdd2
    37. c6 Rxh2+
    38. Kg4 h5+
    39. Kf3 bxc6
    40. Rxc6 Rad2
    41. Rc3 Nh4+
    42. gxh4 Rh3+
    43. Ke4 Rxc3
    44. Be3 Re2

  27. 1. e4
    2. d3
    3. c4
    4. Nc3
    5. Nf3
    6. Be2
    7. Bd2
    8. O-o

    Try this if possible and gimme some comments

  28. 14:48 I don't understand why the black didn't take the knight with the pawn from g7 to h6 ?

  29. It be nice if she stops lying to herself, she didn't come up with anything except popularizing an unpopular opening from the 1980s.

  30. LOL im like 4/5 using this opening…. currently rated 367

  31. Not gonna lie, I didn't bother checking this video out until I seen Tyler1 and his rating climb. Bro went from 800 to 1800 elo in a year.. I'll rock the cow. Right now my rapid rating is 1300 and my blitz is 1000.. I'll try get my blitz up to 1300 using the cow and we''ll go from there. When a hottie teaches an opening. You use it

  32. Two bulls, one young, one older and wiser, were standing on top of a tall hill overlooking a valley full of cows. The young bull said to the older bull let’s run down there and 🤬 a couple of those cows, the old bull replied, let’s WALK down there and 🤬them all.
    Thus the Cow Opening was created 🐮.

  33. I think it's a refreshing way to play. You are forcing your opponent to go back to basics instead of memorized playlines.
    The great quote from Hikari doesn't apply here "Rook takes, takes, takes, takes, pawn, takes, takes, queen."

  34. Typical chick moves. No rhyme or reason.

  35. I am here because I heard a 5’4 buff LOL player used this opening to get to 2000elo

  36. But i tried it lose position but i won letter

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