BREAKING: Madness Carlsen RAGING Over Chess Final

BREAKING: Madness Magnus Carlsen Absolutely RAGING Over Classic Chess Final with Alireza firouzja, a Champions Chess Tour Event that had it all. Amazing chess final and epic cjess from Alireza firouzja and Magnus Carlsen. Carlsen pure rage in this one!

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  1. I'd be interested to know their comparative performance ratings in this game. At this level, it seems like playing as white is equivalent to being up a bishop.

  2. correction they both missed simple shit

  3. Dude the ad in the middle of the fucking chess game is SO out of pocket, just put in at the start or end man, dont be like fucking tv series "keeping us on the edge", just wanna chill and watch a chess game not have some add come up in my face when i'm most invested in the vid. Sleezy ass move, pls dont be sleezy.

  4. I know Magnus is one of the best, but is that really what the top level should look like if they lose? What happened to sportsmanship, honor, and grace lol… I know it's competitive but it just looks bad as a human being lol.

  5. What a game. Hope you’re feeling better soon Mr Epic. Those boards look cool too.

  6. Prawn to sea ships 😂😂 got me giggling to myself. I’ve heard a lot of names for pieces and what not over the years but that’s my favourite by far.

  7. My system suggests that chesnut site is hosting compromised software

  8. Magnus not used to lose anymore… Time to give him a lesson

  9. A fun channel that has analysis 100xs better than “Gotham.” Wishing you the best.

  10. Glad finally to hear confirmation 'prawn' was in fact correct all the time. Now if you could just mention 'horsey thing', that would be great.

  11. Thank you for this coverage and content. It was interesting to see Carlsen rage after the game. Firouzja played very well and came up with some really good moves, again and again. I'm thinking very well done to Firouzja, but at the same time thinking nooobody beats Carlsen …

  12. Knight and Fork is great, I'm going to steal that and take credit for it.

  13. Luca Magliano for you if you want to look satirical smart , congratulations 🎉

  14. Steven Stokey Daley . That's the designer for you after this win Firouza

  15. Iran will be proud, well done Alireza 👏👏

  16. You have a good channel. But I pay for YouTube premium to kill the ads, then you ad them anyway! I do just ffwd, but it's the principle.

  17. No more hans game? Didnt see about grenke, dubai or even sharjah..
    You used to cover with some other like gotham but since he win grenke, only chessbase india put some video 😢

  18. I think Magnus deliberately tossed the game to help Alireza get some confidence back. He's been talking up Alireza for the past year and a half as the next best thing since sliced bread. In my opinion Magnus misplayed a few key moves to allow it Alireza to convert. The animated juvenile thrashing around in disgust at the end was very un-Magnus like, telling me something is off as if it was part of an act. Again just my 2 cents.

  19. 9:55 Magnus going full Hans Nieman at a hotel in St Louis (The Chase). Smash it up Magsy!

  20. Thanks for all the content, I think I've watched about 100 of your videos now. <3

  21. Your usual entertaining and informative stuff. Great seeing Alireza getting one. Thanks James.

  22. The other crazy part about it is that there was a delay just before Armageddon, when the storm ruined the Internet.

  23. Magnus is so great that it takes like 5 bad moves on his part to defeat him.

  24. im happy to say that i was watching that stream

  25. I appreciate this upload a lot more because you care about your viewers even when sick. God Bless You

  26. Magnus deserves to be humbled once in a while.

  27. Man, Gotham is going to milk the hell out of this. Wonder how many exclamation points he'll use.

  28. Q B7 was apparently only move for Alireza towards the end of the game and he got it

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