BRILLIANT WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. dammm… this eye-rings 😀
    UFF… wild…
    what time this dude sleep? ^^…..

  2. I want to see Keymer and Hikaru to make the candidates. Tomorrow's recap will be epic

  3. This is when elo and ranking starts to lessen in value. Although Fabiano has nearly always had a higher elo than Hikaru, Hikaru crushes him in their record. (Including rapid/exhibition games: Hikaru Nakamura beat Fabiano Caruana 70 to 34, with 62 draws. Only rapid/exhibition games: Hikaru Nakamura beat Fabiano Caruana 62 to 26, with 29 draws.)

  4. At this point, I want Fabiano or Hikaru tobecome World Champion!

  5. Levy, where is our favourite chessplayer Ramazan Zhalmakhanov😢😢

  6. He didnt tell us to get outta here😢

  7. Winters get very cold, up here in New England, so I can always use more kindling.

  8. Levy: "Get this man (Ramazan) a profile picture"
    Also Levy: "In this position, Alexandr Predke resigned"

  9. I am just happy to see normal comments and no more if those commenting all over the place nonsense

  10. You said what we did in last 30 days. I moved from Czech to New Zealand, bought a van, working hard, recontruction of the van and still waiting to get your book to Czech rep. Sooo…

  11. I was expecting this title:
    HIKARUUUUU !!!!!!!!!

    And i was right

  12. How to qualify for candidates 2024?

  13. Please report "XxxdripssxxX" and "TsukiMcdookie" for fair play violation.

  14. Hikaru is 35 years old, calling him "nearing 40" is a bit insulting 😀

  15. Levy, I love your channel…but…you should stop doing things that are bad for you…

  16. Because he didn't say it….

    get out of here.

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