Buying Anyone Who Beats Me at Chess a BURGER

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Music used in intro:


  1. utkarsh__1509
    vivek's cute face was enough to make me hard and like this stream

  2. liked the part where daddy joined the stream.Would have been better if murgi chor was played in the intro. Id-nagendra_rao_

  3. Id- Jst_harsh_it commenting only for promoting engagement pura stream dekha bhi nhi hai

  4. Canthurtme07
    Justice for Nitish, big fan btw
    Burger dede BC

  5. Liked that you lost money bro 😂❤

  6. captain_sourav_10 – Very fun stream. Really enjoyed it, I did send request but yeah there were too many to accept for you

  7. I liked only that stream ends 😂😂😂

  8. Nice stream had fun playing chess with you.

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