Can Hikaru Overtake Magnus’ Lead On Penultimate Day? Can Pia Win vs. Anna? Norway Chess 2024 Rd 9

Norway Chess is one of the world’s most prestigious chess tournaments, bringing together top players from around the globe to compete in a six-player double round-robin in Stavanger, Norway. World number-one, Magnus Carlsen, is joined by world champion, Ding Liren, former World Championship challenger, Fabiano Caruana, as well as chess superstars Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja and Praggnanandhaa!

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  1. Make a female channel. This is unwatchable. We want to see the best, and for some reason, females are bad at chess. Stop trying to be woke and force us to watch sub-par chess.

  2. Good commentary but the visuals are terrible. Too much jumping around especially in Armageddon. At the end I didn't feel like I'd seen even one game.

  3. Great job David Howell! Danny, you talk to much. 😂😂😂 what ever happened to the bare minimum?

  4. Really wanted Firouzja to play Rxd4 at 4:08:07. No idea if it's a good idea or not to sacrifice the exchange here, but I like putting the knight on f5 to block the f-file and give some potential for some attack. At the very least might make Magnus think a bit.

  5. i agree with Lei about the confessional booth, the booth is mentally healthy it can help you relax and clear your mind for a bit, its like doing your drawings u cant see your mistake until u stand up walk around and check on it later on. BUT i hope some tournaments wont use the booth because seeing players battle against each others mental fortitude is also a big part of Chess tournament.
    the battle of mental fortitude is the best thing about chess tournaments

  6. I intentionally don't watch this live so I can skip over Hikaru in the booth whenever they go to it 😂

  7. Alireza during the candidate lost to everyone but hikaru, now its ding losing to everyone but hikaru lol

  8. Ok chess24, I’ve looked for the song you started this particular stream off with for a few days now and cannot find it. What is that song?

  9. I feel so sorry for pia her perfomances were amazing, great level but she messed up at the end 😢 she is 61! Her score doesnt show how good she did it… I mean the actual female world champion was sooo Lucky in their duels, Pía almost beat her. Amazing level for her age and actual ELO.

  10. Y’all notice Hikaru say welcome back every time he goes to confessional as if he thinks the whole tournament is about him

  11. Much better behavior from Lei Tingjie. I was disappointed in how she was acting in her world title match with Ju Wenjun in 2023. She acted bored and irritated and was constantly doing the Hikaru face thing. It just gave off bad vibes and seemed a little beneath her character. Maybe losing that match and not making it through this year's candidates was humbling. It's good that she shows the world this side of herself. It makes her seem more likable.

  12. Hold alt and it works like a charm… meanwhile I am on my iPhone suffering 😂

  13. chess24, This made me laugh so much! Thanks for sharing!

  14. chess24, This made me so happy! I liked and subscribed!

  15. Genuinely happy for Ding! Great Armageddon win!!

  16. I’m just very happy that Ding won against Hikaru, after he was saying that Dink is over and so on!

  17. I am rubbish at chess but I watch this every evening and watch nothing else. On a holiday at the moment. It’s golf in the morning and chess in the evening. My wife thinks I’ve lost it.

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