Can I Beat A Chess Master With No Queen?

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#ludwig #chess #brosvspros


  1. Anyone have a link to the Nintendo dance song in the intro? It’s legit!

  2. chat screaming "QUEEN TAKE ROOK" "QUEEN F1" like they are chess gods is so funny because they dont realize he's in check

  3. Rewatching This makes me notice how fast levy’s channel has grown

  4. Ludwig had a checkmate at 9:35

    Queen H3 takes Rook F1


  5. Read the second to last word in the title thats your answee

  6. Dude the first round with ludwig he had that I was screaming

  7. When I read the title I didn’t know if you where beating a chess master without using a queen or you where beating a chess master who didn’t have a queen.

  8. I thought lud had no queen (wrote kid instead instead of lud first) (autocorrect)

  9. chat: “ take the rook it’s mate!”
    ludwig: in check

  10. Levy out here playing the hippopotamus

  11. of course you can't defeat a chess master with no queen, they have an entire queen more than you do!

  12. "Ready to beat levy's ass"
    Levy about to beat them all, Blindfolded

  13. atrioc threw the game it was an easy draw, he just ran the wrong way with his king at the end. complete idiot move.

  14. The endgame was winning… he just kept not playing the right pawn and king moves.

  15. Give Levy a year and he'll have surpassed your subscription rating on yt

  16. You're an english major but the title has a misplaced modifier Lmao.

  17. you cant play yourself with a queen man

  18. bro u cant beat a chessmaster if they didnt have a queen

  19. That last idea was so incredibly big brain, it was insane lmao. I would've loved to see how that worked.

  20. Did Ludwig really not see mate in 1 9:21 Queen to F1? Am I missing something or is that mate in 1?

  21. im 1500 my cousin is 700 and he never had chance with me having no queen its normal , not to mention levy is x10 better than me😂

  22. Does Levi not have a licensed version of windows?

  23. Lol i originally thought the title meant that Ludwig was the one with no queen
    no way he was winning that

  24. Lol that was a good conversation XD I can't wait for part 2

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