Can I Beat EVERY Chess Bot in 30 minutes?

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  1. Nah man, this is the only type is not, it’s interesting engine vs engine when they are actually strong; or human vs human.. imho

  2. Petition to make a special M.A.R.T.I.N that's extremely op

    Imagine like a 3000rated Martin.🗿

  3. Why is your content so bad

  4. This should be EZ I did this in like 15 mins since you just use scholar's mate. ig gotham fell off a little.

  5. “That’s a free queen you absolute monkey” lmao😂😂😂 3:51

  6. I am confident that you could beat master bots with this, but I think it would be interesting to see how long it would take you because some of these bots might take you a while.

  7. Yes very impressive LOL….. I want to see the intermediate and advanced bot runs.

  8. What a lovely shirt you've got! Lookin good coach haha 😆 Привет с Азербайджана!

  9. That shirt radiates "bowling league dad" energy.

  10. Staring to intro wasn't that smooth dislike deserved

  11. surely enjoying this type of video! 😂❤

  12. I like to imagine that these bots are real people and hes just insulting them and making a speedrun video out of them

  13. Levy… I swear I can bet your in FPS CHESS on Steam 🥱🥱

  14. “That’s a free queen, you absolute monkey”

  15. 8:17 blocking the check with the queen is so 5head i can't even fathom its' greatness

  16. Your reactions to bots playing good moves are the best

  17. 12:35 lol “not rushing”?
    He just pre moves everything super quickly

  18. You asked me if I like these kind of videos. I don’t.

  19. "2 can play that game you bozo" – GothamChess 2023

  20. Add stakes. A penalty if you don’t succeed in order to make things more interesting.

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