Can Magnus Carlsen Win A Chess Game WITHOUT Knowing The Pieces?

We’ve got a new challenge for Magnus Carlsen, and this time he has to play chess against GM David Howell WITHOUT knowing what piece is which!

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  1. Magnus is able to play multple chess games at once while blindfolded. I don't think this will be an issue for him

  2. It’s more fun to watch David struggle than to watch the game itself Lol😂

  3. That shouldn't be a huge issue it's essentially just playing chess blindfolded. I'm assuming Magnus Carlsen's opponent is past the 15-1600 range in ELO so it shouldn't be an issue for either party.

  4. I think a good change would be if the pieces were randomized fisher style first so that the players have to figure out what their pieces are as they play

  5. All the people mentioning this is easier than blindfold chess for them, i think y'all are missing the point. This is a promotion video for their sponsor, Airthings😂

  6. Viéndolos moverse así, entiendo porque le llaman deporte ciencia jajaja

  7. Maggnus can definitely play blind so … this is a different challenge but not much more of a problem than that is.

  8. Fact : Most of the grandmasters can play a chess game without even a board

  9. ალექსანდრე ოთხოზორია says:

    he can play it calmly tied blindfolded getting electroshocked every 5 seconds and his family held hostage

  10. Why these videos don't get recommended to me 😭

  11. Your board is to big, you need smaller one to play with time. So you don't need to run around to press the clock.

  12. they could just have had put 2 persons next to the buzzers and scream time every time they finish their turns …. well i'm just saying 😉

  13. this dude can play 10 men blindfolded, what do you expect?

  14. And people said there's know physical excercise in chess

  15. How about let the pieces even be the same color?

  16. What's the point? He has been playing chess for his entire life. He still can remember even with blind fold though. It's not like adding new pieces

  17. i didnt read the title so i thought they were playing very large checkers

  18. Magnus is really legend man ,I can't even guess the piece 😅

  19. My man said "I really wanna win." against Magnus…

  20. Ackshually! He does know the pieces so this is but a very mild challenge for him. To make it more interesting: have ALL the pieces look exactly the same, including the color.

  21. 10 games at once bet he doesn't know the pieces loll

  22. Chess became a physical sport at the end

  23. I would've lost track of the pieces like after 5 moves.

  24. I would just bring the clock on the board haha

  25. Why did they not have someone tapping the timer for them…

  26. this man is able to win 5 matches blindefolded at the same time so this should be free for him

  27. This isnt really a challenge though. I can play games blindfolded and im only 1900 rating

  28. Those air things were an essential part of the game, couldn't have done it without them lol

  29. You'd expect them to have a long distance touch pad on their watch, or phones… but no… that's to futuristic. Outside the scope of the current human capability and would cost a billion dollar to get.

  30. I think the big board can help some chess players who want lose a coupl of pounds. My back is already screaming when I was watching them play.

  31. If they dont know what pieces their moving, neither does anyone else 🥃

  32. am i tripping or would this not even be the slightest challenge to magnus ? at the gm level idt you even need a board to play chess

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