Can Magnus Carlsen Win A Chess Game WITHOUT Knowing The Pieces?

We’ve got a new challenge for Magnus Carlsen, and this time he has to play chess against GM David Howell WITHOUT knowing what piece is which!

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  1. how is this anymore impressive than magnus playing with a blindfold?

  2. Please add pads to the bottom of the air things, and do this more! 🙂 Maybe an air things tournament?

  3. They needed a bigger increment given how long it takes to make each move

  4. he can win blindfolded against 15 players at the same time ofc he can win without knowing the pieces

  5. let magnus play like this and let someone play with knowing pieces it would be more entertaining

  6. Even though the sound of the sliding board was teeth gritting gg

  7. David Howell acting like he isn’t still a top 75 ranked player in the world

  8. I would've loved to see how Bh8 after Magnus' Qxc2 (3:33) turned out for white 🤔

  9. ive been playing chess for about 5 months now and i still dont understand the counter. their time slowly goes up? can someone explain?

  10. Why is the crowd looking at the board and pretending to be interested haha

  11. Greatest chess player in the world: Qb7

    Stockfish: ??

  12. ah 3:05 … exf6 loses because
    Bxf6 threatens not only the rook but also threatens to trap black's queen after Bd4

  13. Whan he played airthings to e4 that blew my mind🤯🤯

  14. In this position , white can just play bishop to h8, and then its forced mate in the next sequence no? idk what im missing here.

  15. Blind Cardio chess should be a real event. Also chess should never be played with 0 increment timeouts are goofy

  16. He literally played 10 blindfold games simultaneosly, this is extremely easy for him, but also for the other guy

  17. I like how when they castle they still switch the pieces lol

  18. this felt a lot like a tennis match where you keep hitting the ball to make the opponent run a lot. Magnus would move some piece close to the clock a short distance which causes an attack on David's piece which is far away from the clock forcing him to run around and lose time

  19. More interesting if each player can set up within the possibilities of Fischer Random and the other has to deduce what the pieces are and remember.

  20. It seems that any advantage David would have is gone because he also doesn’t know the pieces. They need to do a version where David can see but Magnus can’t to try and even the playing field

  21. Effectively this is just nerfed blindfold chess.

  22. They should play it but from a set position like blindfolded 960. Then Magnus has to figure out what the pieces are like in the puzzles

  23. Not to be a bitch, but even gotham can play blindfolded only from memory, it must have been easier for magnus to see the setup (based on the fact that magnus can destroy multiple players without even seeing the boards …) So yeah, the question on the title is kind of dumb

    The game on the big board was realy fun to watch though.

  24. I like how magnus smile at the start is like "yeah sure, i won't struggle, maybe you will"

  25. Of course, these guys are good enough to remember the prices, but what is the penalty if you forget and make an illegal move? Instant loss?

  26. Love the video! Makes chess content much more fun and creative, definitely years to remember.

  27. In 2023, there could be be pieces superposed on the pods, just saying…Go the extra mile now and our game will survive the next two generations!

  28. The most physical game of chess ever lol. I like it

  29. I thought it was a random dude but he proved he is a gm in 39 seconds

  30. what I don't understand is why they they have to work on such a large scaled board and reach the clock that is all the way over there with every move, it would make way more sense to just have a smaller board or to have someone else press the clock for them when they make a move, or maybe even increase the time increment to compensate for the time it takes to reach that clock

  31. reading the title I was expecting that the pieces would come from random non standard positions and he'd have to figure out which was which.

  32. 3:33
    The engine says equal but I don't see the defence to Bh8?

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