Can Rapport Hold Early Lead As Magnus, MVL, Ding, Vincent Chase? GRENKE Chess Classic 2024 Rds 3-4

World no. 1 Magnus Carlsen and World Champion Ding Liren play the GRENKE Chess Classic, a 6-player event happening alongside an open with almost 3,000 players! Two rounds are played each game at a “fast-classical” time control of 45 minutes per player, with 10 seconds added per move. Watch the games:

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  1. What a joy to watch Magnus vs Ding, its great!

  2. This is the best team ever!
    Great to see Trent back!

  3. Can anyone tell me how Magnus did against MVL today ? Thanks

  4. I'm glad Gustafson got some help commentating.. too much awkward silence by himself

  5. friedman is not to be underestimated, he had ratingperfofmance of 2900 or so in the olympiad

  6. Are the people in the audience just friends and family of the players? This has got to be boring sitting there for so long

  7. Jan and Trent on commentary are a great team with many years of experience, always good to watch. Enjoyable to hear them reflect back on previous commentary with chess24. Let’s hope they both continue and also Leko and Svidler also make an appearance 👍😄

  8. Good games I like the time format played fast classical

  9. Amazing commenters. Couldn't ask for better content.

  10. How can anybody stand the arrogance of Gustafson? Seriously?

  11. Color commentary drier than a mermaid's beach towel 🙂

  12. Haha Jan is the deadest pan I’ve ever seen😂 hilarious dude

  13. 🔥 Hey there! Loved this video! 🔥

    The content here is absolutely top-notch! 👌 If you're as passionate about chess as I am, then you'll definitely enjoy the content over on my channel too! 🚀

    Feel free to check it out and drop a comment letting me know what you think! 📝 Can't wait to see you there! 💬💥

  14. Trent has come a long way! It’s nice to see him successful, laid back and confident

  15. I miss GM Peter Leko! Hope he’s feeling better.

  16. Why couldn't LT take his holiday somewhere else ? The repeated ear-bashing, fake sounding squawking of 'What ? What ?" along with rhe lame comments or simply repeating what his colleague has said is cringeworthy.

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