CANDIDATES CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. congrats to gukesh even tho im a gukesh hater. im really sad nepo and fabi couldnt win either. f*** ☹

  2. Heart breaking for Fabi. I feel bad for him.

  3. Commendable recap , Levy, including summary of the other candidates’ games leading to climax, which happened to be the Ian-Fabi game in the men’s section for Gukesh to win.
    “ Get outa here! “ ❤

  4. It was a great tournament and the coverage here was just as good!

  5. Chess is amazing when both players want to win!! Also thanks Levy for all the exciting coverage! You are awesome!

  6. The amount of effort put into these recaps is insane.

  7. Great coverage Levy. This was an awesome candidates to watch and I honestly couldn't pick a favorite to win. Great show from Hikaru, Fabi, and Nepo. But Gukesh is truly extraordinary. Very excited for the championship vs Ding.

  8. That game will haunt fabi for the rest of his life

  9. Hikaru hates both Ian and caruana 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. tt`s not really fair to say, viewers are not interested in the other games. Viewers would be interested in deeper analysis & commenting of single games. Quality and quantitiy. The glass is half full.

  11. Is Nepo the hardest player to beat with Black in the world?

  12. i know capturing a wide audience is an art, Levy, and I do love your content and enjoy your analysis and breathtaking commentary very much. having said that, maybe u are making enough money to perhaps forego the couple of views to keep your titles spoiler free? i know the title changed but the original name of the video disclosed the winner and some people enjoy the tension and surprise and they want to watch your recaps only. i know, i know, more sensationalist title = more views, but pretty please?

  13. I was rooting for pragg but I’m happy gukesh won

  14. I don't get it, why didn't Fabiano play QG3 check and then capture the pawn on H2, instead of KA1 (After the time limit was extended)?

  15. if you have this name DORMAMU. You are definitely badass. even Doctor strange can't do anything about him

  16. the greatness of Nepo and Fabi led to thier own misery. Game theory! Classic example of the problem with the nuclear powers!

  17. Gukesh was definitely the underdog there

  18. Watching the game live, I thought (at 22.14 min.) that Qd5 (instead of Be4) would win easily, threatening Be4 and saving an important tempo. If black plays a5, Qf7 is killing (h2, Be4 and f4, controlling h1). Black cannot move his pieces and has no counterplay. BTW: these decisive games in round 13 (Prag-Fabia, Nepo-Gukesh) & round 14 (Fabi-Nepo) are among the most breathtaking ones I can remember seeing live. It was fantastic! Kudos to all, especially Gukesh. What a brilliant result!

  19. Thanks for the fantastic coverage of the Candidates. Easily the most exciting one I can remember. The chess lived up to Gotham's commentary and enthusiasm (and perhaps we can now forget Anish Giri's famous "all draws" candidates).

  20. Thank you gor turning off the engine in the fabi game, it was electric to see the analysis from a human having watched the game live and knowing what was going on

  21. Dang Fabi shoulda won that game. Did gukesh beat Ian, hikaru or fabi this tournament? Or just draws?

  22. On tiebreaks: rapid is better than penalty kicks in soccer.

    Like soccer, the traditional solution is simple: keep playing full-length games until someone wins. That's what they did in the 1950s in both sports. In chess, the tiebreaker was often a two-game classical match; in soccer, the tiebreaker was for the tied teams to play a full 90-minute match a few days later. Both sports would just repeat the tiebreaker until there was a winner.

    The schedules have been tightened up – in all sports – since those days. They can't just play repeatedly until there's a winner. Players' visas will run out; venues will have other bookings; players will have other commitments. And, in chess in particular, Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov showed how an indefinite match is completely unfair in 1985.

    So what else can we do? There isn't infinite time to play longer time controls. There has to be a winner. I guess the alternative would be classical armageddon with bidding? 120 minutes for white and the bid for black for the first 40 and then half that added at 40 and every 20 moves thereafter (with no increment), where black gets draw odds. You could play a full game in a day that way.

  23. Couldn't Fabiano go back to Qa8 gambling on Nepo not calling the draw because Nepo had some possible mate trap and didn't want a draw either?

  24. By seeing eval bar in the last game , it seemed like one of my games 😅

  25. I recall how exciting the Sinquefield cup became thanks to the likes of commentators Maurice Ashley, Yasser Seirawan, Jennifer Shahade, and others. I remember watching some of these same players, learning them, recognizing them, rooting for them. Here we are, years later, and Your enthusiasm and analysis has brought that same life once again to the candidates: the excitement, the anticipation, WHEN YOU TURNED OFF THE ENGINE to put us in the middle of the action with no compass: the DRAMA! Thank you for your enthusiasm, in spite of feeling under the weather, and the excitement you're able to share over such a great tournament. I am glad to be a part, and grateful for you continued efforts!

  26. I literally teared up watching Fabi's game

  27. I'm cheering hikaru but I'm happy to see gukesh wins candidate 🇮🇳

  28. bruh honestly, the way Hikaru fumbled yesterday, and Fabi missing several crucial checkmates, Gukesh really deserved the win. Really solid play from him

  29. The eval bar on that ian fabi game was going crazy 😂

  30. Sometimes I get the feeling that the live stream of the candidates is a spoiler for gotham videos

  31. What did magnus say about long chess being boring with no mistakes again XD

  32. have watched every recap of this candidates and loved every one of it, the emotions, misses, sacrifices…and ofc i love how dramatic your videos are 😂
    HUGE CONGRATS TO GUKESH I think this is a shocking result to everyone and we just gotta respect this man.

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