Carlsen’s astonishing Endgame forced spectators to applaud him against Duda with one second left

Carlsen’s astonishing Endgame forced spectators to applaud him against Duda with one second left
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  1. this thumbnail is currently why i'm drinking pepsi bottle i got new one

  2. come on, Bishop B6? even a 900 player like me wouldn't do that

  3. This end game is better than most games I have seen. The mental calculation needed to operate on such level is scary.

  4. Great screenshot. Magnus looks like a Viking.

  5. Anyone else get trigged buy this dude commentators voice?

  6. I love how the top players of chess are always shake their heads and are disappointed after their matches 😂

  7. The way magnus drinks his water is like a true viking that just won his duel

  8. The only guys who can make 10 second time into a 6 minute games 💀💀💀

  9. It looks like the crowd is full of Gms, otherwise they wouldn't be able to calculate like Magnus.

  10. Anyone know who the three commentators are? Love their vibes

  11. I see that the chessboard has a VGA cable attached to it. Therefore, I am assuming it connects to the digital board on screen. What brand are these boards?

  12. I've always liked Seirawan's analysis, partly because I love his calm and friendly demeanor. He's a pleasure to listen to. Plus, he understands the game very well – almost as if he's a grandmaster himself. 🙂

  13. Prior to Magnus making the first move we seen in this video, b3, I loaded that position into Stockfish. It has white with a very, very slight advantage, +0.17. It's roughly an equal position. Stockfish's third choice is the move Magnus made, b3. That leads to complete equality, 0.00. Stockfish thinks he should've played Rab3, moving his rook in front of his b-pawn. Still, it is roughly equal. There is no "winning" move.

  14. Carlsen's astonishing Endgame forced spectators to applaud
    Spectators: No eval bar wtf is going on

  15. That's why playing with time increments sucks! Seems like the game never ends1

  16. Having a win with 3 seconds left is not having a win.

  17. Can someone explain what happened at the end of the game?

  18. No me he enterado de quién gana o si hacen tablas o qué.

  19. I love his Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski look ❤

  20. can someone explain how they keep gaining 3 seconds

  21. Grandmasters can find forced draws, but only Magnus can find a forced applause.

  22. who won ? I get bloody suggested videos covering the board before the game has finished !

  23. "to applaud him against Duda"That's not what happened. The applause was for both players, and for Magnus for winning the tournament.

  24. You had to sac the bishop for the pawn advancement

  25. After b4, why didn't Duda take with the rook?

  26. 7:46 Black KE3… position bishop to F2 and you win Duda… Dumba…

  27. They applauded the effort by both players

  28. how did they know it's the 50moves? "OK, that's it! that's it!" they said

  29. Cant see the ending bc YouTube keeping covering the most important part with links. Super annoying.

  30. I love Magnus but jeez when he doesn’t shave and let’s his hair grow he looks like the guy at my local sex shop

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