Carlsen’s GOAT Move Leaves Everyone Speechless

Magnus Carlsen’s GOAT Move played against Fabiano Caruana in the speed chess championship ’23 Leaves Danny Rensch Speechless. Danya also notes that anyone wanting to learn chess should study this Magnus Carlsen game because it is truly very instructive chess!

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  1. Really instructive for us lower rated players

  2. 8:39 why not the more aggressively Bh6? Then after pawn is captured, follow it with Pg5. Either the f or h pawn would then be unstoppable.

  3. Very helpful in breaking down the options, awesome video

  4. Beautifully analyzed. I learned a lot. Thank you!

  5. All pieces other than the king are female. Because a pawn can promote to a queen, pawns are female. And because pawns can be promoted to every other piece except a king, all the other pieces are also female.

  6. He did blunder a Bishop soon after but Fabi didn’t take back

  7. you ever hear the term, "just the facts mama?"… nobody wants to hear about the billion other possible combinations this game could have went.

  8. Truly instructive game, now the question is how to spot moments like these in my own games?? Specially in the end games – which are never the same…

  9. Next video less scenarios and possible
    Moves and focus more just on the moves they actually made

  10. Of course it's much easier to find the move when someone says "and now an amazing move comes!" 🙂

  11. The level of detail u explain every move is why I subscribed

  12. Man this Danny guy… I feel like a internet troll for saying this.
    But everytime i see something with him, he says something really arrogant.

    "Danny finally doest know what to say"

  13. According to the 7-piece tablebase, the position at 11:56 is a draw with perfect play. From there, Ke3, Ke6, and Kd3 are all correct but, at 12:05, Caruana plays the losing move Be5. Instead, the only two drawish moves would have been Be1 or Be2.

  14. 10:39 … why I'm not a great chess player… I would have never thought of this in a million years. Well, maybe in a 30 minute game if I ended up here with 10 minutes on the clock. Still… not so sure.

  15. You always say “brothers” for the knights, and you are correct to say so.

  16. Oh wow. Cant believe i got the exact same solution as magnus in that endgame

  17. I do like the Chanel name. Idk it has a goid ring to it.

  18. Very awesome video. I love chess but have few friends that enjoy playing it. Love seeing the grandmasters slowed down game and explained like this.
    Great game

  19. Magnus asked me what move to make that time. You’re welcome Magnus, keep killin it.

  20. New sub here! Nice job on focusing on the played lines, instead of showing a dozen variations which sometimes get a bit annoying.

  21. A player of Fabi's calibre should be able to draw he ending after Kxf5 if the computer says it's a draw. Poor technique.

  22. Is this just commentary for people who know nothing about chess? If you don’t know the Ruy Lopez opening, don’t waste your time watching videos.

  23. At the point where the commenter says that the engine says that the position is even, and then Caruana plays Ke5 giving up the c5 pawn, it seems that almost any other move is better. White needs to show a plan for progress if Black just keeps the Bishop on the a1-h8 diagonal and moves the King around d6-c6 protecting the c5 pawn.

  24. I feel like g5 at 8:40 should be routine for a world-class player. I didn't spot it, but in hindsight it's pretty obvious. What's interesting is that Carlsen missed the most direct win, which was 1. g5 hxg5 2. Bxg5 Bd8 3. h6! immediately (thanks to the engine for that). …Kd6 at 9:46 is a blunder; Caruana should hold with …Be7.

  25. Wow. Unbelievable….it's insane how these pro's play with literally like 2 or 3 pieces and they make another player resign….what the heck 😛 !

  26. stepping the king aside first before moving in is something I never thought of

  27. Cant we just see the game without all the possibilitie of could haves?

  28. No way that this guy hearts everyone…

  29. 9:26 according to the evaluation bar that was -4,7 for black? (fabi) did we miss something there?

  30. Why can’t we sack the bishop at 8:41 ? I’m trying to figure out y it won’t work but it looks perfect to me

  31. You kept saying that Carlson had the white pieces but on the side of your board you show him as having the black pieces! This is extremely confusing.

  32. Your engine depth is too low and deceiving cause magnus played the best moves in that endgame

  33. Nice awesome match! During White opening, I don’t understand the logic of 3rd move white bishop to b5, threatening the knight-I always do that also by the way 😂 but 100% of my game that black a6 pawn steps forward so bishop retreats. That I don’t understand the essence other than that fact that bishop was able to roam.

  34. Naaah man, I played a game in my first tournament against a 1730 FIDE rated player as black without opening prep and the position after the opening was almost identical to 2:55, I feel smart now

  35. Am learning a lot just by watching your analysis. Very instructive

  36. Why not Bxh6 and after g×h6, g5? Looks even more convincing to me.

  37. Levy ruined chess videos for me… I saw the thumbnail and thought "oh look, more clickbait" until i realized it wasnt a gotham chess video. Lol. Pleasantly surprised

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