Carlsen’s Unusual Double Sacrifice Baffles The Chess Commentators

Magnus Carlsen’s GOAT Double Chess Sacrifice Leaves The Chess Commentators Bewildered in this epic game of blitz chess, played by Magnus Carlsen against Yu Yangyi in the World Blitz Chess Championship 2023. Carlsen finds back to back chess moves that swing the chess game in his favour and leave the chess commentators astounded.

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  1. Even knowing there was something to look for (which usually makes it easier to work out) I couldn't see this one.

  2. Magnus is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers

  3. You're recording in a cupboard? Wow. Okay. Here's the plan. First, get 3 or 4 million more subscribers (5 or 6 would be better though). Save the subscription revenue for 10-20 years, doing your best to make market-beating investments with it. Then you can start breaking ground on one of those underground basement mega-mansions we keep hearing about the oligarchs building in London. Be sure to tell the architect that you need a dedicated studio for recording chess analysis. Or you can just rent some inexpensive office space after you get 10-20 more subscribers. It's up to you.

  4. Shades of R. Byrne-Fischer US Championship 1963-1964 where the commentators were baffled by Fischer's combination and were certain that Byrne had won the game. And when they were congratulating Byrne on his win against Fischer, Byrne told them that it was Fischer who had won the game and proceeded to show the commentators the winning combination.

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