ChatGPT Broke Chess

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  1. Actually laughing out loud at this commentary!

  2. Seeing the rook moving diagonally was fantastic 😂😂😂

  3. Wait a year. It will strategise and know every possibility at every move.

  4. Chat gpt 4 is a great chess player who suffers fits of hallucinations

  5. 5:03 I was actually eating something, you just made this very awkward

  6. I probably has a good library of past games, but as the game deviated more and more from what it has "seen" before, it started making stuff up. Sometimes illegal moves.

  7. ChatGPT knows how to play chess and it willingly and knowingly cheats

  8. I mean, chatgpt is playing blindfolded chess. Make a video about you being blindfolded against chatgpt, so that its fair

  9. AI has beaten chess masters ages ago. Not even relevant.

  10. It looks like CGPT got confused because you stopped, recorded the postition and repositioned the pieces. Otherwise it would clearly won. I guess it was using Stockfish engine somehow, so I consider still it as a cheater.

  11. Dude, dude, dude !!!! I was researching LLMs and stumbled on this video. I am floored. Great clarity, great video. I've not watched a single chess video ever. I've never watched a ChatGPT video ever. I can't say enough good things about how GOOD THIS VIDEO IS. You absolutely nailed it. You nailed chess. You nailed ChatGPTs progression. I'm floored. Totally changes my perspective on these two topics. Best Wishes Friend !!!!

  12. I feel like if you tried this with a lower 'temperature' in openai playground it might be smarter.

  13. ChatGPT went from lil timmy with 19 elo to a GM with a rating of 2700 in 9 months since Levy played against ChatGPT with it playing O-O and taking it's bishop

  14. you're playing against a parrot man, it doesn't understand what it's doing.
    this is not as interesting as you make it..

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