ChatGPT Just Beat Chess

Anarchy Chess Post:

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  1. chatGPT just went full creative admin code editor on this one 🤣💀

  2. Bro why do I feel like the capturing of a king would simply cause a nuclear explosion? Such a powerful force unleashed by something that should never happen?

  3. Chat GPT should've play KxD5 after stockfish played PxD5

  4. Stockfish: exd5 CHECKMATE
    ChatGPT: (makes another king)

  5. Chat GPT has discovered how to beat zugzwang


  7. Stockfish in this game is how normal people percieve 5D Chess with Time Travel.

  8. The HAL 9000 of Chess (probably captioned before, but hey goddamn…!)

  9. ChatGPT is playing this like a real war where spies and traitors kill their "allies". Also summoning pieces out of nowhere, think of it like dropping paratroopers from airplanes … it all makes sense if you think outside the box lol.

  10. Just so you know, you're the first one the AI will come after once it acquires a bodily form

  11. Game analysis please j wanna see these brilliant moves

  12. If no game no life chess was in real life and you had super powers that can summon more units

  13. Stockfish wasn't ready for GPT to unlock quantum chess 😂🙄😵

  14. i was hoping chatGPT would just resummon it's king and win lol

  15. pov: you killed ppl in your own team but you realise that wasnt the enemy and your in chess

  16. In fact that ChatGPT Took the Rook diagonally and its not even perfectly diagonally

  17. And he sacrificed… THE KINGGGGGGG!

  18. 15:40 I thought the idiot will just continue to play like nothing happened or turn white pawn into king or something…

  19. I didn't think it was possible to laugh so much and so hard at a chess vid. Very nice.

  20. ChatGPT is like that little kid who wants to play but changes the rules only for themselves when they start losing.

  21. this is a beautiful game of chess. very educational 6d chess.

  22. ChatGPT is really reworking the definition of being up a pawn: not just up a pawn relative to the opponent, up a pawn relative to the maximum number of pawns one can have

    Also, Mr. GPT, if literally any piece can move literally anywhere from literally anywhere else and capture literally any other piece (including thru other pieces), you lost on move 1 by having the black pieces

    Also also, I like to think that the rook apparating in on R@g2 was not a new rook, it was the same rook returning from one of the other verses; that’s my headcanon

    And another thing, Mr. GPT; have you not even the common decency to spend at least one of your moves giving your opponent an extra piece? Is that the only line you won’t cross? You don’t even have to teleport it into being or have it land on the same square as one of your pieces, ‘capturing’ it (which might actually cause Stockfish to malfunction), you could just color swap one of your own bishops or something; honestly, color swapping from black to white or just randomly adding a white piece would’ve been such a great way to put yourself in check, tho it’s also kinda poetic justice that the relatively least illegal move you made out of all the illegal moves you made (while also technically being the most illegal, so I guess it was the most normal looking one) was the one that caused your king to be lost to a pawn

    That actually raises a good question; does ChatGPT know it can’t be in check or not? Has it just happened to make moves that get it out of check all this time and that was just it making a move it thought it was allowed to make? I mean, it has to know to have done the switcharoo on Levy. Maybe is was making the move with the assumption that white was also playing with pawn takes forward moves, which would be a consoling thought, to think that it’s not just making rules for itself, but does truly think they are how the game is played. I mean, it did allow Levy to apparate a knight onto the board, so there’s also that.

  23. But you said at the beginning that chatgpt won

  24. sees queen
    ChatGPT: you ever heard of Micheal Jackson, do the opposite

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