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  1. the pant should be called im worst than magnus

  2. Levy the cover art for your book is so good, but the #1 teacher sticker kinda screws it over imo. Still gonna buy it as soon as it comes out though.

  3. i dont want want to sound like cocky or anything like 'oh look he is so bad i could do so much better!' cuz im only 1000 elo, think that first game was cheating, they all seemed quite simple and obvious moves – especially since his king had already moved so moving it there instead of blocking with the pawn is something that happens alot?

  4. 2:47 the king already moved bruh??? Am I just dumb or could he never have castled in the first place. He moved to f7 when he took the knight right?

  5. Did anyone in the comments ever tried cheating when their already good at the game?

  6. what would hapenn if there was a game with only a top engine move? Who would win (white x black)?

  7. "They" cheated? There was more than one? Makes the story very hard to follow.

  8. How does the name Leafy sound?

  9. Plz review Orbital vs Frank new video chess game because… you’re gonna need to go to ER after.

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