Checkmate Your Friends In 6 Moves

Checkmate Your Friends In 6 Moves

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  1. What stops you from playing e3 on the 4th move, why do you have to prolong this with Bg3?

  2. "and if he is greedy" *speaks in a mouse voice*
    "You checkmate" *speaks in a bored voice*

  3. This is why you don't weaken the squares around the king

  4. White king is on Black tile and black king is on White😂😂 and he is playing chess

  5. man turned from Bobby bo jangles, to Chessscape to chess talk in one video.

  6. No one ever played the dutch defense against me🤷

  7. That’s why play knight f6 after d4

  8. Sadly someone who’s seen this will play knight f6 instead of pawn f4

  9. Nc6 blocks all these attacks and the bishop is gone

  10. Knights f6 stops everything bruh, do analysis before trying anything

  11. Sorry, but I've NEVER seen black respond with F5 to my opening move of D4….

  12. but my friend is magnus(˘・_・˘)

  13. You have to know this
    It starts with one thing

  14. Remember, in the first termination you can’t play E4 cuz than they have en passent and yk what they say abt that

  15. my coach gave me chess homework on that exact position at the end with the queen sac.

  16. And all that black had to do is to push the d pawn

  17. I play the dutch defense and I can tell that I will move my night instead of kicking your bishop

  18. fun fact: according to Stockfish 16, Bg5 is actually the best move after 1. d4 f5. which is kinda surprising

  19. You have to know this, here’s the moves it starts with
    They don’t know, they just see this
    Slide the queen and bait it
    They’re gonna take it (blunder)
    Big mistake, resign now
    You can’t save it
    Take the piece and check em
    If they offer the queen, let em
    Set it up again if you get it em
    And let em know who sent it
    You know, the Bobby Bo Show?
    Do you follow?

  20. Love you dude! I always get trapped by my friends, best solution!❤️

  21. Me: “Can you move the pawn in front of your bishop”

    Him: “No”

  22. Guys remember enemy is watching also

    It's happen with me
    I was playing with my friend and I play Dutch defense

  23. ✋😐 yes, that'll be me. I play the Dutch defense. I have been beaten this way at least once.

  24. What if instead of protecting the square with da rook you move the queens pawn instead to avoid mate? 🤔

  25. Chess talk laughing in the corner😂😂

  26. Me be like : I am gonna destroy everyone playing the Dutch defence….

    My friend who saw this video:Sure, do you wanna play

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