Chess 2 is Finally Here! #shorts #viral #chess #memes

Today, I show one of the most fun, chaotic, and unpredictable games of chess ever played! This game features a variety of moves never seen before on a chess board including a comb, a disco ball, a pomegranate, a ring, a wedding, a marker, a diamond, betrayal, and more! It’s a combination of chess in Ohio, Minecraft Block Battles in Chess, Anarchy Chess, ChatGPT Chess, Top Chess, Gotham Chess, Chess 2, and more! If you enjoy the chess memes YouTube shorts, like and subscribe!

The long awaited sequel to chess is here with some unexpected moves!

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  1. I been playing chess wrong my whole life

  2. Time traveler kicks a rock
    The timeline:

  3. Ooo you play wonderland chess? I love to play.❤

  4. Queen being white and king being black proposing is an opposite kinger and queenie

  5. I thought both kings were gonna hook up ngl

  6. White has had enough
    -> Nukes the entire board

    … Accurate

  7. I think you have too much time on your hands

  8. That one autistic kid in family playing chess

  9. The knights thought he can marry the king😢

  10. That's not how you play this game but it's amazing it's ❤💏🌹 romantic

  11. You have a special talent this is not how the game supposed to go

  12. So bad, you missed an easy 3 move mate -_-

  13. I'm getting pokemon rusty vibes here with his voice

  14. I…. I…..wh…. What…. What the actual f*** did I just watch?!?!

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