Chess Cheating Scandal FINAL UPDATE!!

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  1. there is no proof of him cheating, that's it. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY

  2. take your glasses off if you are being kidnapped

  3. Niemann is probably not cheating, so I don't understand why Magnus is being so salty about losing a match to him. if Niemann is physically playing a chess match against Magnus Carlsen in person and he did not leave the match to cheat by gaining access to a device to facilitate cheating then what's the problem? It's not like someone was sending moves electronically to an electronic watch to tell him how to beat Magnus. If a chess tournament investigates Niemann for cheating and concludes that there is no evidence of cheating, then the chess community just needs to accept that, including Magnus. If Magnus does not want to play in tournaments that Niemann enters, then that's Magnus's problem. Niemann suing Magnus for $100 million as a result is ridiculous, but Niemann does deserve to file lawsuits against chess tournaments for much lower sums of money that are discriminating against him based on unfounded allegations of cheating if they don't let him play.

  4. Keep it up! Always great content to keep us up to date.

  5. Huge props to the kidnapper for giving Levy access to the internet so he could upload this video

  6. This rant did not need to be 20 minutes long.

  7. Levy blink twice if you are being held hostage!

  8. The background speaks for itself. Levy is on the run, but no one escapes Hans. Niemand.

  9. I'd refuse to play chess with an admitted cheater even if just playing at the park .
    My refusal to play with that cheater hardly defames that player; THAT happened when the cheating (and admission) occurred

  10. Well, defo a con to let Carlsen get away with it all. People in high places etc… He has produced no proof or evidence that Hans ever cheated yet accused him of doing so. Seems simple enough to me…he should be made to pay up!

  11. The two realities being Black Mirror episodes is an amazing analogy

  12. I'd like to mention something called "(shifting) the burden of proof".

    Something that doesn't exist, or didn't happen, cannot create evidence of its inexistence. Quick example: atheists and deists, an atheist cannot prove the inexistence of god because if god doesn't exist, there can be no evidence of their existence. Fairly logical, right? If Hans did not cheat, he literally can't prove that he didn't.

    If Magnus implies that Hans cheated, then it's on Magnus that the burden of proof lies. If Magnus cannot prove his claims, then it's probably defamation I guess. If chess organisations treat Hans differently without proof of his cheating, again, the're shifting the burden of proof onto Hans, which is wrong. And quick reminder, in civilised society we're innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.

    I think Magnus acted disingenuously when he insinuated that Hans cheated over the board. Either present proof, or shut up.

    If Hans DID cheat, and we can't prove it, then all it means is the standards of cheat detection in chess are too low. Do we need to xray players for butt plugs before they play? Don't know, not my decision. But putting out baseless accusations like that, then ducking away during the shitstorm, that's just low. I expect better from a world champion, to me he just looks like a sore loser for now.

  13. Blink SOS if you need help Levy.
    3 long, 3 short, 3 long.
    – – – . . . – – –

  14. Did the kidnapper at least give you a chess board?

  15. Is he Billy Mitchel?
    Be the best by cheating or by lawsuits

  16. I find it crazy that someone like Magnus can just shout that Hans cheated and suddenly the guy can hardly play on any big tournaments anymore. Without proof that is just unfair.

  17. Props to the kidnappers for letting Levy make videos

  18. How is Hans going to get money from Magnus when he's not even from the United States? stupid

  19. Is it the room where Levy was recording his 2 years old tip videos???

  20. Levy if you are by any chance in the alps I just want to shout out Slovenia (as a slovenian) with its beautiful lakes, mountains and valleys. Plus the see side is near with some nice beaches. Worth a visit. 😊😊

  21. Levi, why does your thumbnails look so much alike my deleted history searches.

  22. You are not a spokesperson for the game of chess. The game of chess has existed long before you existed and will proceed to exist much longer than you. You are just a profitmaking youtuber.

  23. Can someone tell me what chess theme is Levi using?

  24. “That’s slander” “it is not! It’s in print, it’s liable.”

  25. Really shows how levy is always in his own element while making videos even while being held on gun point

  26. Levy blink thrice if your being held hostage

  27. I think the most adult take on this drama since it sprung. The chess community really appreciates how you handled this news throughout the timeline without bias Levy. Thank You.

  28. look at all you chess enthusiasts, wanting to know everything about what is not chess. Shame on me

  29. Defamation has been dismissed. Means the judge believe Nieman is wearing a buttplug. Lesgo memes!

  30. I appreciate the narrative: he either cheated or not. Schrödinger’ cat entered the chat.

  31. Levy is actually being captive by Hans Niemann himself

  32. Carlsen commenting (in a negative way) on intangible evidence is more of a slanderous situation.
    Carlsen's written statement & posts are more of a libel situation.
    So I can see why defamation has been dismissed.
    Give the kid 7 million dollars & be thankful it is not $100m.

    As for the beads, yes it certainly caused a buzz..
    I am glad Levy said it "spread like wildfire" & not "spread like ass cheeks".

    Props to you Levy for even positing videos on your holiday / Levynapping.
    We can at least watch a few advertisements to help pay for the ransom.

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