Chess Cheating Scandal FINAL UPDATE!!

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  1. I got into chess because I heard anal beads were involved, and now my whole life is a lie.

  2. absolutely Levy, you are the world chess spokesperson even here in Africa.

  3. Audrey G. Fleissig, a judge in U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Missouri, dismissed Niemann’s antitrust claims with prejudice, meaning they are permanently dismissed and cannot be retried. Fleissig declined jurisdiction over Niemann’s other claims, including that the defendants had defamed Niemann. -WaPo

  4. Why can’t Hans just do a Liar Detection test?

  5. Levy is high key the Jim Nantz of Chess

  6. day #1 of commenting on every Gotham video so that he can play with me. Blow this comment up

  7. Even if he isn't cheating now, I wouldn't want to play with him either. You just never know.

  8. The scandal feels like a month ago☠️

  9. You can tell that Levy's scared from his eyes, he's being held captive and his family is too. But, he's still here making videos for us. What a truly loyal man to his fans

  10. Cmon gotham, dont be a coward. I get it, you dont want to get sued. At least say something like, i can't give my opinion because i don't want to get sued. Its pretty obvious he cheated. The stats dont lie.

  11. This feels like Magnus got beat so bad he just assumed he cheated

  12. If bro was cheating when he was a kid that shouldn’t matter when he is like 30

  13. Magnus got all buthurt when he got trash talked after getting beat. Most people change how they play and get beat mentally when playing a great at their sport. Hans wasn’t supposed to be there so he just played and didn’t get freaked out.

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