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  1. Bro watched Frank too much and now he pronounces Martin “Mar’in”

  2. Just wait until martin has a whole chess board of queens its an immediate check in just a nano second

  3. Martin after sleeping for 1 second
    after 200 years
    becomes 200x better

  4. Before it was an unwinnable game that relied on the cpu actively making consecutive wrong moves. A player with >800 rating could beat a grandmaster with that many queens.

  5. Wouldnt it be negative 309? Hahahaa. Wtf is this anyway???

  6. Not only did I beat martin this morning (as usual) i also destroyed "Fundy" (1500) and I'm a casual player without any ranking.

  7. Very smart, you started with the end of the clip so it truly loops perfectly, not the somewhat annoying loop technique that is normally done

  8. This is so high level ur left wondering how many levels are actually there 🤣🤣

  9. Excuses excuses. Levy should just buy more courses.

  10. nah martin isnt using his full potential power that's just 0.00000000000001%

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