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  1. Martin's elo is 250, which is how much he bench presses

  2. How many languages can you choose in the captions?!

  3. I've found martin will play like absolute garbage up until the last then he will play with 100% accuracy to get a stalemate

  4. Literally, I thought I just got way worse, but Martin isn’t that stupid as he was for some reason now.

  5. Brooo fax martin actually plays better now. He even knows some openingsEdit:I think his kids are teaching him instead of martin teaching his kids

  6. We want to see the eval number. It's not about who has the advantage

  7. I remember this, but genuinely believe they did make Martin better. He still makes braindead moves, but slightly less of them.


  9. He’s got that god awful Canadian chuckle.

  10. No cap i just got chess like 3 days ago an it took me a minute to beat martin

  11. 20:00 ок, вот это вообще прикол) Собственно многие аргументы из предыдущего видео схожи. Мультяшная рисовка != детская рисовка, точно так же как аниме в стандартном его понимании ни разу не свистелка для трёхлетних. Хороший пример? Хеппи три френдс. Рисовка мультяшкая, и при этом фемели френдли как созданный в бездне))

  12. Martin is now become death the destroyer of big ego's

  13. Can’t he just trade forever and win because he has more pieces?

  14. You just got unlucky and happened to stumble upon the rare, nigh unseen incidence of Martin revealing that he always lost on purpose.

  15. Really tho like martin just got actually good all of a sudden

  16. White would win from that position in Nuclear Chain Reaction Chess

  17. I’m sad because I was trying to teach my wife how to play chess using Martin and he’s no longer good for brand new beginners. She knows how the pieces move and the objectives. That’s it.

  18. Why is there not a chess tournament in the greater Seattle Gotham there are so many masters that came out of jail or prison in Seattle Washington but Issaquah is to far for them we want to play the best even if they came out of prison whats up with this whos at play here?

  19. Why the transition was so smooth (even though it wasnt) that i didnt get that i watched the video already?

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