Chess Expert TROLLED Me Into Thinking He’s a Beginner

My chess opponent told me he was a beginner and I almost believed him…. this was all in good fun, and I was very impressed with his prank haha.

Video was filmed at blitz society in Paris! Thanks for watching 🙂

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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. Lying like this about your experience in the game is something I just can't get to respect. It's like a forced handicap as a strategy? Where does that put you as a player? In a cowardly spot, imo.

  2. Is this some kind of hippie bohemian party?

  3. It's not trolling and it's not acting. It's lying.

  4. the guy is not funny at all and neither are his friends. Lying is not cool.

  5. Why "act" though?
    All his friends were in on it too.
    Laughable!! what a …. < with a C

  6. Anna is suspicious of everybody after the Mullet guy's Halosar trap. 😂

  7. I thought he looked like a thin Hans Nieman 😂

  8. Anna, you really seem like one of the nicest people in this platform. Always smiling and with a positive attitude. Wish you all the best❤

  9. what I've seen is she looooveedd that he lied. i bet she found it quite flirting and interesting.

  10. I don't know.. it's one thing to innocently pretend to be a newby going into it, but it's another thing to keep lying about it all the way to the end.. I don't like liars. Anna was super graceful and charming about it as always though!

  11. you know the brother isn’t a beginner when he fixes his pieces before the game

  12. It seemed that she was going to fall in love with him, just notice how she looks at him:)

  13. "You are really good at acting" Anna says
    Narrator: Actually he is not good at acting.

  14. Dude's a terrible actor 😂 At least commit to the lie and blunder a couple moves…and maybe don't play obvious theory.

    A good laugh though. I hope you got your revenge Anna 💪

  15. I thought that you would play Re1 instead of Rb1 (attacking the bishop).

  16. Did he try to blame us for loosing his rook?

  17. It doesn't matter If he Is 100 or 3000 rated. Chess Is war. Always play your best game and destroy your opponent as quickly as possible.

  18. I still can't believe not lifting pond on the edge so king still be safe.

  19. Pinky promises shouldn’t be use to lie !

  20. If he tried to pull that stunt at my club he'd find out how good his medical insurance is.

  21. BOobs are just too perfect…. and the you play very nice chess……

  22. Your boobs would distract even hikaru…… and he'll play like a 100 rating payer lol

  23. His friends on the side kept talking to her so she'd bend over to answer them.

  24. I can also trick you in thinking im a beginner. I even go as far as actually losing like a beginner.

  25. whats the benefit for lying? I don't understand nerds like this

  26. today day day day is international chess day 🥳

  27. dont know what he gained by lying. good attitude Anna.

  28. Looks like young Naroditsky found the time machine

  29. Anna really beautiful as always. They were funny but I can't say they were good at lying. 🙂

  30. I think he was trying to brag so he can get her number

  31. If a start with a lye I would say thanks we play when you don;t lie

  32. But he just played Theory!
    I just thought of this when she was saying so much "you are playing theory!" lmao

  33. I picked up chess in February and went from 600 to 1500 rapid in roughly 5 months so it's not that crazy if he really was a new player

  34. Yay! Another Anna video! You made my day!
    Edit: After watching the game, I have two thoughts:
    1. Treat every game as if you're playing Magnus.
    2. It's not a "good game" if he chose to swindle you.
    Oh well, great attitude, Anna.

  35. Her laughing at "don't know my rating" is so sweet my tooth aches

  36. Im the guy that taught him chess in the background. Couldnt contain my laugh sometimes cuz I played a few games with him and perfectly knew he was 2300

  37. HI i'm french but i just suscribed to your chanel. Could you please organise a subbattle against Julien Song ? and Joachim mouhamad ? it would be great

  38. Anna: 1-Don't disclose that I'm a GM
    2- keep blabbing to distract opponent
    3- You are distracting me
    Fares: Don't disclose my rating
    Anna: You're trolling ME!

  39. I’ve played 4 months and I’m getting some wins from the Cow opening online 😁

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