Chess Grandmasters vs. Cheaters

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  1. Gothamchess. I am very happy you finaly made this video. It had me in my mind for a long time. ❤🎉❤

  2. Well, cheater can be beaten by hacker. So hacker is the real best chess player.

  3. 3:08 If that doesn't have a name yet it's the Scandinavian Knight's Tour opening.

  4. Wrong. Frank is stronger than stockfish so automatically the strongest, even against cheaters.

  5. My chess goal is to once be mistaken for a cheater.

  6. "Nobody makes this many knight moves in the opening."

    Perhaps they just really like horseys?

  7. Cheaters aren't good at chess,they are good at cheating(most aren't) and stockfish is not a person so that means frank if the best

  8. The first thing i noticed was your eyebags, you look high bro pls sleep more

  9. Danya had even funnier games against cheaters where they played top moves then ran out of time cause they couldn't find mate in 2 or something stupid.

  10. ok i am best player in the world in chess, now i can choose and dominate another game.

  11. hello im like as god as frank is that good or bad

  12. "Cheatlandia"? that's it, im flagging the video for hate speech…

  13. Cheatlandia is the best country, Levy'sAviation just did greatest fly I ever had

  14. who the fark is messi crister penaldog suewy

  15. I’ve been watching your vids for I think about a year now. Recently my school had a little chess tournament thing, and I used the openings in your vids and I actually managed to win! Thanks so much for helping me get better at chess! I wouldn’t even be able to muster up the confidence to enter! Thanks for making your vids, and thanks for giving me the courage to enter!

  16. Cheating makes no sense to me. If I win every game against everyone it would make the game boring. I'm a 900 elo player and occasionally receive notices that someone cheated against me. If you have to cheat against me maybe find another game.

  17. make one title thats not clickbaiting idiot loser L bozo

  18. Hilarious video Levi, I definitely watched all of it already ❤

  19. They can't harvest rating from me , as my rating doesn't go below 0

  20. What do you mean Frank is not the best chess player, he could beat every cheater at the same time, while solving a crossword, with ease.

  21. this video was uploaded 9 minutes ago so nobody has seen the entire video and mose of the comments here in the time im in right now just typed a comment when this was uploaded

  22. Who made that money art behind you? Or where can I find it

  23. Isn't frank, and frank took it personally

  24. "the best player in the world is the player who is cheating" -levy 2023

  25. Cheater content fans eating good these past few weeks

  26. The cheater series are honestly the best.

  27. Who's the best player in the world?

    Of course it's Niemann

  28. Imagine a cheater would castle with the opponent's king 💀

  29. In the realm of chess, a master emerged,
    A player of skill, strategy, and word.
    Levy Rozman, his name echoed with might,
    But tales were told of a prominent sight.

    A forehead immense, of grandiose size,
    A towering expanse that caught the eyes.
    A canvas vast, where thoughts seemed to roam,
    An emblem of intellect, a thinker's home.

    Across the board, his pieces would dance,
    His mind calculating each risky advance.
    But 'twas on his brow, where the battle was won,
    For within those crevices, genius was spun.

    Oh, Levy Rozman, with forehead so wide,
    A symbol of wisdom, where brilliance resides.
    Your forehead, a beacon, a mark of acclaim,
    Guiding your moves with an intellectual flame.

    Within its expanse, a strategy brews,
    A labyrinth of thoughts, an intricate muse.
    Where plans are formed, and possibilities unfold,
    In the vast expanse of a mind's stronghold.

    The chessboard trembles beneath your command,
    As you navigate the game, both bold and grand.
    Your forehead, a fortress, unyielding and strong,
    A testament to intellect, where brilliance belongs.

    So let us celebrate this chess master's claim,
    With reverence and awe for his remarkable frame.
    For Levy Rozman, with a forehead so immense,
    Embodies the spirit of chess, profound and intense.

  30. The best cheater is the one who never gets caught

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