Chess Hustler SWINDLES My Mom, So I Have To Get Revenge

This chess hustler did some dirty tricks when he played my mother (who is a chess grandmaster), so I had to get revenge. This video was filmed in Washington Square Park in New York City a few days ago – hope you enjoy 🙂

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  1. I'm pretty sure that's the Legendary Corn Bread

  2. Should've shown how mom had trouble using the clock to explain how she got so low on time and then how the hustler offered to change to a draw due to that and his illegal move at the end.

  3. and at the end, mom is NOT happy! give her 2min on the clock and she will crush it!

  4. What was the time difference between mom and the gentleman?

  5. That guy kept saying "you like theft", "you want to steal". Some people use historical events as an excuse to "circumvent" their own failures. I guess he turned left when he should've turned right!

  6. Beating a GM even with time odds is very impressive. Congrats to the hustler.

  7. This chess hustler is great. He’s funny but not rude and unafraid to give compliments.

  8. Makes you a good (looking) daughter right?🥰

  9. What a character. He should be in films. Or voice overs.

  10. But where's the full first game and second from mum? Awesome game nonetheless, really wholesome

  11. I love watching you Anna!! Yer always so cute,funny and so good at the game!

  12. Congratulations on your Chess Streamer nomination! I love Gotham as well but its still an awesome honor!

  13. Something about the old guys in the park who play chess is always charming to me.

  14. This is like, if the whole world was like Pokemon, only with chess! How wholesome!

  15. Great playing. So your mom only gets 10 seconds? He cheated

  16. Had me laughing at the "Masters are hugry" "Am I hungry ?" part ggwp!

  17. That first game he seemed to try everything, knowing she would win without his shenanigans. They all knew the GM was there! The second, he realized Anna was rapidly showing that the Cramling game is good! That was fun to watch and the spirit was good. Pia is awesome!

  18. How can one think with all that talking and grunting? No wonder your mom lost on time.

  19. This guys chess style is so funny he just goes “HMMMM”

  20. 💪He's got a point. Grandmasters don't need all that time to think during a hustle. GM's get the handicap to let other players learn!

  21. in a 5 minute game, how much time would an illegal move give you?

  22. The dude is a cheat, and not brilliant, witty or funny. Just a scammer. Just stop… people

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