Chess Hustler SWINDLES My Mom, So I Have To Get Revenge

This chess hustler did some dirty tricks when he played my mother (who is a chess grandmaster), so I had to get revenge. This video was filmed in Washington Square Park in New York City a few days ago – hope you enjoy 🙂

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  1. One thing I notice is your mother is wearing bulky cloths and I understand you are in a cold environment, but when she moves pieces she often knocks them over and this costs her time. .

  2. Like how everyone calls her mom. The mysterious grandmaster mom out there hustlin

  3. I don’t even play chess and I’ve came across these videos and I’m hooked 😂😂

  4. Bet he ain’t never been robbed like that 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Anna master the modern hustler trash talk game, while Mom is OG GM

  6. i love this form of content. authentic and wholesome. never exploit it and go scripted
    but pleaseee make a series

  7. He was trying to bait her the whole time she played a great strategy

  8. The game in the street is to not be seen cheating. Like a democrat, can't cheat can't win.

  9. I love Anna's videos, but I wish the titles weren't so clickbait-y. They ascribe bad behavior to people who don't really act that way in the actual video.

  10. how could I not subscribe after such amazing content…

  11. The New Aged Diogenes ( After Rehab ) says:

    Your Mom is really cool, I really loved this ❤️

  12. Mom intentionally lost just to see her daughter seek revenge!

  13. What he said abouts GMs and Masters seem so real its almost like a GM can make mistakes lose and smile like whatever but the people who want to be GMs wanna attack

  14. S/O to the old man with the Camo Mets hat !!! I peeped that 😏

  15. Once again, another one of Anna's videos has painted the chess player as negative. Swindled!??? He respectfully played both of them. Beat the Grandmaster and resigned to Anna. Nothing about him can be called "swindler" or "hustler". I completely respect her mother and her approach to live and the game. If only her daughter respected the people she plays with. They are the ones that are providing the views.

  16. So why are these Chess hustlers so quick yet not that good when it is not a timed game?. Is being a chess hustler actually hard or is it more just making set moves quickly to overwhelm the other person?

  17. Beware if money is ever involved, often if you try to scam a scammer (especially 3 card monte or shell game) there's 2-5 more people working with them aand they'll do follow you to get back any money they lost….

  18. best channel ever… this…I'm a novice and I think its the best game ever invented. Millions of calculations, while bringing people together with the good old brain on the street. healthy banter and good sportsmanship. love it! I have to pause and assess most of these vids. Yet these guys are taking the piss out of each other while doing around 3 calculations a sec….what the hell! Sub you all day long. Your mum is lovely and raised a great daughter!

  19. Why do he sound like DMX? Or im trippin😂

  20. This channel has become one of my favorites I have never played chess but I’m super interested and more importantly the competition seems filled with super cool people . All the videos I have seen the hustlers just seem like some good dudes having fun .

  21. I see only beauty here, this could really be a wonderful world…

  22. Cornbread the OG Washington Square Park chess hustler.

  23. She lost for time because the hustler kept knocking over the pieces and moving crooked. The distractions are deliberate. Watch when he takes a piece using two hands, as well as the clownish antics that move beyond the typical chess trash talk.

  24. I think this blond predator must be sued. She is an absolute monster. Sociopath.

  25. In Cricket his continual banter is called sledging.

  26. Were you raised by wolves or Nazis? So primitive, aggressive, predatory. Revenge, attack, destruction… Sicko.

  27. Hmmm!! *Rd1*Hmmm!! *Rd8*Hmmm!! *Re8*HMMMMMMM!!!! *Rxe3 illegal move*

  28. Did he see the piece?😁 She caught him, if he didn't see it. Where did he swindle?

  29. 1:01 All you Chess masters out there… what would happen if you play an illegal move?

  30. Thank you for this content Anna. This was really interesting, and fun to watch 😊

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