chess king sacrifice

Credits to: Chessbase India


  1. "He sacrificed… HIS KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING" as Levy would say

  2. So in the final round it was zero vs schneizel from Code Geass.

  3. “If the king doesn’t move how can he expect his subjects to follow”

  4. The captain doesn't want to leave his sinking ship.

  5. People who think think too much:
    "that's a sigma move"
    People who are realist:
    "what an idiot"

  6. Этот примув Хикару не продумал.

  7. ???「白のキングを甘く見てはいけないな」

  8. Can someone explaine, why did the jabbalah grishna guy do that????

  9. We didn't EVER say to DO THAT: SUN & Moon Tzus

  10. And that's how to sacrifice …THE KIIIIIING !

  11. I'm sorry guys
    can you tell me what music is playing?))

  12. Can anybody explain the meme. I know nothing about chess😂

  13. Кто объяснит в чем прекол ?

  14. Pawn: "Truth or Dare?"

    King: "…………..Dare."

  15. wait this is the same place of the chess king sacrifice with Hikaru against the indian guy.

  16. What song is this? This will be the death of me, I swear

  17. Everyone: What is he doing!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Woody: "Hollup …………… Let him cook"

  18. Saladin proceeded to execute Raynald himself, beheading him with his sword. When Guy was brought in, he fell to his knees at the sight of Raynald's corpse. Saladin bade him to rise, saying:
    "A king does not kill a king."

  19. "I may have lost my kingdom and my people and I will die by your hand today, but I won't go down alone".

  20. What if we touched kings 😳😳

    In the middle of the chessboard 😳😳

  21. Trying to watch this high is like regular people in DBZ trying to keep up with the fight scenes. I feel like Mr burns telling the f1 race cars to slow down😂

  22. I did this once in chess club and got chewed out for it

  23. And then, … Democracy was born!

  24. Me after reading comments
    Im here for the meme, not the philosophy

  25. NakamuraHikaru & HikamuraNakaru brothers are the two chess players I admire respect the most.

  26. "Never fear to misquote, fear not to be quoted"
    – Chess, The Art of Sun Tzu

  27. "Well… I guess I've got no other choice than to take your Ki-"
    "AH-HAH! You've activated my trap card!"

  28. Dharma is your only duty- the person telling the king

  29. "I'm pretty sure I didn't say that." – Sun Tzu

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